How creators can amplify their work on Pinterest

Heres how you can get your Pinterest profile featured on the apps Home Feed in July.

As people seek inspiration for projects, dream of holidays and spend a record amount of time online during lockdown, Pinterest use has soared.


367 million people now use the visual search engine to seek inspiration, create digital mood boards and share their work with a wider audience. We’ve been getting in on the action ourselves, creating boards that amplify the work of our talented creators.

Pinterest presents heaps of opportunities for digital content creators. Not only can you use it to gather ideas for your next shoot and connect with likeminded creators, you can drive traffic to your other social channels, blog or small business website.

At Vamp, we are working closely with the team to bring you tips on how to optimise your Pinterest accounts and use them to boost your social followings elsewhere, so stay tuned. In the meantime, there’s an exciting opportunity that Vamp Pinners can access now.


Get your profile featured on the Pinterest Home Feed in July 


Pinterest’s editorial team sets themes each month and encourages local creators to submit their work for the chance to be featured in their ‘Spotlight’ space. This curated carousel in the Pinterest home feed is an amazing chance to showcase your work to a wider audience and inspire other Pinners.

The themes for July cover home and lifestyle, food, fashion, beauty and a lockdown-inspired twist on travel, so there should be something for all creators. Submissions close next week on June 25th and we’re working closely with Pinterest to get as many of you featured as possible.

What do you need to do to be considered? 


1. Firstly sign up to the Pinterest Editorial list for Creators.  This will give you a direct line to the team who set the themes for Spotlight features each month – and any other creator opportunities. Make sure you select your country from the dropdown as the themes are localised. 

2. Check out the July themes and see what appeals to you. You can apply to more than one but keep things relevant and on brand for yourself. To see the current themes for different markets follow the links below:


3. Submit your boards here by 28 June.

4. For the best chance of being featured, follow these Editorial Guidelines and Creative Tips that include things like how many pins to feature in each board and other key dos and don’ts.

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