February influencer of the month @monkeydisease

Lets get to know @monkeydisease and see how she balances all four of her professions

Let’s get to know @monkeydisease. Our busy content creator-photographer-videographer-musician is based in Malaysia. She has worked on Vamp campaigns with Mac, La Mer and Dior. We got the scoop on how she manages her busy life, tips on creating video content and writing long captions.


How long have you been creating social content for, is it your full time job or a side hustle?

The first time I ever created social media content was seven years ago. Being an influencer wasn’t big yet, so it felt strange back in 2013 to use social media to raise awareness about a product. My thought process was, why would anyone care about what I have to say about this product I love? But surprise! It made all the difference to my followers to hear what I had to say. I felt so happy to be sharing things with my audience. I’m a full time photographer, but I used to look at content creation as a side hustle. The two go hand in hand now and it really helps me financially, so I guess I’d call it a full time side hustle


You seem to keep yourself pretty busy. How do you find the time to do it all at once and do you have any organisational tips?

I like to create content within the life I already live. It makes it more organic and relatable. When I get products mailed to me, I have them on me at all times in case I see the opportunity to take a shot. This helps save time instead of setting aside so many hours of the day to shoot social content. I also have a system to stay organised — it includes a diary planner, calendars organised by colour and a lot of moral support from my partner.


What are some of your tips and tricks for writing longer captions that your audience still engage with?

I loved blogging once upon a time. I also love telling stories. It comes from my love for reading books, so my captions could never be too long. I write what I feel. It’s of course a little tricky if it’s a product that has nothing to do with emotions (hey, I’m a musician, I live on emotional banter), so when it does get technical, I share honest tips in detail. I never like to skimp on sharing knowledge. 


We’ve noticed that you have a separate instagram account for your photography and videography work. Why did you decide to do this?

I decided to create a second account because one is purely lifestyle and the other is to focus on my visual arts. I needed my potential clients to have easier access to my portfolio. If it was amongst all the personal things, like it used to be, it would be difficult for my audience to separate the art from the artist. I really want my art to stand on its own. After all, it is my passion and profession. 

When shooting videos for campaigns such as this one, what is your usual process?

I am big on vibes. I start with internalising an aesthetic that I’m going for. I then pick the music so I can visualise the visuals and then I film. I make sure I have a list of all the deliverables that Vamp has stated, then I just work my way through my check list. The editing step is the quickest for me because I would already have a mental mood board. Creating pieces like this one is my favourite because I really get to explore different styles of content.


What is your all time best performing post on your feed and why do you think that is?

It’s probably this one. I think it performed well because people love seeing other people in love. Any content I post with my partner gets more hits.


Right now I am….

Listening to: Without You by Issues (my current favourite band)

Watching: I just finished Bojack Horseman and now I’m sad.

Eating: Lot’s of home cooked food (my partner and I just moved in together!)

Wearing: My favourite bleach dye work t-shirt (that I made myself, courtesy of Vans Off The Wall) and shorts because it is HOT in Malaysia.

Drinking: Ice water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


What do you like about working with Vamp?

I’m an anxious girl so I always have a lot of questions to ask. Vamp have been so good with accommodating my anxiety when I’m unsure of something I’m about to post or share. I’ve become so comfortable with Vamp that I now have less anxiety when asking questions. On top of that, Vamp has introduced me to so many new brands and products that I actually have grown to love. Brands that are me, and that is so important.


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Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.