December influencer of the month @juciachong

Let’s get to know @juciachong who shares her best flatlay tips and how she overcame the biggest mistake she’s made as a content creator.

Let’s get to know @juciachong. Our Singapore-based December influencer of the month shares her best flatlay tips, which macro influencer inspires her work and how she overcame the biggest mistake she’s made as a content creator.


Congratulations for winning December’s influencer of the month, Jucia,! Let’s start with the basics. How long have you been creating social content for? Is this your full-time job or side hustle?

Thank you! I really appreciate being part of the Vamp community. Content creation is my side hustle, which I’ve been doing for about four years now. For my full-time job, I work for a family business in shipping and freight forwarding. I’ve been blessed with flexible working hours, so this is why I’m able to spend time doing things I love, like creating content. 


Flatlays are your specialty! Enlighten us with your top flatlay styling tips.

I start by placing the hero piece first and will build my flatlay around it. I’ll then add my large props, such as my laptop or breakfast tray, then medium sized items like books and note cards. To add depth and to fill in the gaps I will throw in some small accessories like a pair of spectacles, pens, hair clips and jewellery. My favourite thing to add in last is a cup of coffee. This gives off the ‘fresh, early morning’ vibe.

It also helps to have a theme and colour palette in mind before pulling all your props together. That way your image looks cohesive and well thought out. 

But I have to mention, it doesn’t always work this way. There really isn’t one way to do it. Creating flatlays comes with lots of trial and error and that’s part of the fun!


What are your insider tips to getting the perfect flatly lighting

Always opt for natural lighting! Direct sunlight creates harsh shadows so definitely avoid that. Find a location that has soft, natural light streaming in. I find that cloudy days are best for shooting, as the light coming in is always even.


What advice can you give to creators looking to perfect a highly curated feed like yours? 

That is such a huge compliment, thank you so much! I would say pick a theme and stick to it. To create a curated feed you need consistency and cohesion. Continue using the same editing styles and the same or similar filters for all your images. 

I use VSCO for my general editing like brightness, saturation, tint and sharpness. After this, I add on filters using ColorStory. I then follow this up with some selective editing. For example, if specific spots need to be brightened, I’ll use Snapseed where necessary. 


Where do you gain your content inspiration from, and why?

Mainly from Instagram. There are so many amazing and talented creators out there. One of my all time favourites is Jasmine Dowling. Jasmine takes the most random, unassuming thing and creates magic with it. She’s a very talented and authentic content creator who I gain lots of ideas from.


What has been the biggest mistake you’ve made as a content creator and how did you learn from it?

The biggest mistakes I’ve made have been accepting campaigns that required me to create content that’s out of my personal brand and aesthetic. I get stressed when clients are very specific with their visual directions, especially when I know it will not produce the best engagement for me. So now before accepting campaigns, I make sure there’s flexibility in the visual and creative direction or that they are in line with my feed aesthetic. 


What is your top performing post on your feed, and why do you think that is?

This mirror shot that features my bedroom. I believe my audience enjoys seeing glimpses and little pockets of my home and how it’s styled. It’s a more personal experience for your followers to see on their feeds.

Quick fire round. Right now I am….

Listening: Getting into the Christmas spirit with “Joy to the World”

Watching: The Office

Eating: Dark chocolate cookies I baked over the weekend. Yum!

Wearing: My favourite pjs

Drinking: Warm cup of matcha


Lastly, after working on campaigns for Coach, Mannatech and Swarovski, what are your favourite things about working with Vamp?

Vamp has given me the opportunities to work with some of the most amazing brands. The team is so incredible to work with and they always look out for their creators and truly want the best for us.

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