December influencer of the month @jamesfeedstyle

We delved into the world of this Dubai-based influencer to see what inspires his passion.

Introducing @jamesfeedstyle. Our stylish December influencer of the month is based in Dubai and has worked on Vamp campaigns with Huawei Nova, Sunglass Hut and Steve Madden. We discover his fashion inspo, video editing tips and his passion for content creating.


How long have you been creating social content, is it your full time job or a side hustle?

I have been content creating on the side since 2017, I’m still working full time as a Social Media Specialist at a PR Company. What I really like the most about creating social content is you get to meet loads of creative, fun and dynamic individuals who then end up becoming one of your good friends. As creators, we have built a community that keeps on growing which encourages and supports one another.


What has been the biggest mistake you have made in your content creation and how did you learn from it?

I think one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is when I’ve doubted myself and didn’t believe in my capabilities. Seeing so many content creators out there, I compared my work and it sometimes made me question if I was good enough. Then one day, I woke up and realised that this is not a competition. This is what makes me happy. This is my passion and being able to inspire people is what matters to me the most. 


We love the video and photo edits you make for campaigns, what made you want to start doing this and what apps/software do you use to create them?

Thank you for noticing that, I really appreciate it! I always use Inshot or Final Cut Pro, to name a couple. I love using these edits to explore my creativity and play around with video effects and presets.


Seeing you use your own hashtag is awesome, why did you want to start using something like this on your images? 

I wanted to create and maintain my own brand identity and that’s why I always use #JAMESFEEDSTYLE. It has also lead to growth of my audience and helps to build more engagement on my posts.


What is your all time best performing image on your feed and why do you think that is?

My best performing image on my feed is when I did my first collaboration with Steve Madden ME and Vamp BrandsThat was one of my happiest moments as a content creator as it felt like a validation after so much hard work. It really boosted my confidence and helped me start to believe in myself even more.


You’re always looking on trend. Where do you usually gain your fashion inspiration from?

Thanks for your kind words! I gain my fashion inspiration from many different people, I always look up to @thestylechoreo, @aligordon, @marcelfloruss and @davidguison in terms of style but I also always like to make my own statement and make it neat and clean.


Right now I am…. Making a social media strategy plan for my clients.

Listening to: Best Part by H.E.R and Daniel Caesar.

Watching: The Alienist, Elite and Dynasty on Netflix.

Eating: Pasta and chicken breast.

Wearing: Pastel and earth toned coats, shirts, pants & shoes – I’m a minimalist! 

Drinking: Whey Protein (boring…haha)