November influencer of the month @j_anandary

Get to know our November influencer of the month @j_anandary and discover her top travel tips

Get to know @j_anandary. Our amazing November influencer of the month is based in Indonesia and has worked on Vamp campaigns with Lazada, Nivea, Belvita Breakfast and Laneige. We find out her tips on editing, finding the perfect location and the importance of colour.


How long have you been creating social content, is it your full time job or a side hustle?


Just like many other content creators, creating social content wasn’t my main job at first. I studied interior design at university, then worked as a visual merchandiser for two years after I graduated. 

Traveling is something I have always loved to do. Back then, I tried to travel whenever I was on leave from my full time job. I started my travel blog in early 2017 and I can happily say that now I am a full time travel blogger and content creator. I find this job very fulfilling. Many of my blog readers have told me that they’ve travelled because they read my blog and that’d the best feeling and reward.


You have travelled to some beautiful places around the world, where do you think is the most ‘Instagrammable’ country or city?


I have to say Bali, Indonesia is the most ‘Instagrammable’ city. You can get beautiful sceneries of the beaches, mountains, and jungles. There are also cute cafes, restaurants, and beach clubs all over Bali with various themes, you can never go wrong. My feed is colourful so I pick vibrant locations. I do research for shoot locations before trips, mostly from Instagram, blogs, and Pinterest.


What has been the biggest mistake you have made in your content creation and how did you learn from it?


Trying to be something else that I’m not to impress people. I realise now that being yourself is the key in content creating. People will see right through you, so always be genuine.


Throughout your feed, colour is a huge deal – some sections even look colour coordinated with a blue theme, then green, yellow and pink. 


Thank you for noticing! I do plan these colour coordinated themes. I saw a few of my favourite Influencers (@taramilktea @ofleatherandlace) do this and felt like trying it out. I do have to say this theme is very hard to do, you need to plan well and have many photos, but it’s fun and challenging!


What are your favourite editing apps to enhance the stunning colours you capture in your images?


I like Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed.


What is your all time best performing image on your feed and why do you think that is?


A photo of me taken at a newly opened Unicorn-themed cafe in Jakarta, Indonesia. The cafe was all pink and filled with unicorns and My Little Pony dolls. Indonesian’s are always attracted to new ‘Instagrammable’ spots. The place is unique, cute, and it is reachable from the capital city, so people went crazy when I posted about this location.


How important is it for you to keep your Instagram Stories and highlights up to date as much as you do for your posts?


I think Stories and feed posts complement each other. Instagram Story and its features let us interact more with our audience. Always try to do both!


Right now I am….

Listening to: All NIKI’s songs.

Watching: How to Get Away with Murder Season 5.

Eating: Pasta and pizza, prepping for my visit to Italy in November.

Wearing: More patterned dresses. I’m trying!

Drinking: Brown Sugar Boba.


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