October influencer of the month @lukefranks1

Content creation tips and tricks from the man of the moment.

Meet @lukefranks1. Our awesome October influencer of the month is based in London and has worked on Vamp campaigns with Converse, Hackett, Yamaha and AMEX – to name a few. We find out his top content creation tips and what makes him tick.


Is social content creation your full time job or a side hustle?

I’ve been creating content as my full time job now for about 4 years, alongside some presenting work too. I love being able to control my own time, get creative on an idea and get to go out and about to make it.


How has your content evolved over time?

Finding my photographer Ollie Ali was a game changer. We’re on the same page, at a similar level and have fun going out and experimenting with a brief. I pay him the best I can with each brief, which has slowly grown. I think that’s important. Find someone on your wavelength and then as soon as you book a deal, pay them properly. That way you can both be excited to create great campaigns.

In the beginning I tried to do everything myself with a tripod. I had to because I couldn’t pay anyone, but it was tough.


Your locations are always on point. What do you take into consideration when choosing a location to shoot?

Why thank you! A location can really bring a shoot to life. If you have a great one, it can make all the photos and outfits look cool. Generally it’s places I’ve wandered past in London and thought would be a good spot and then remember them for the next shoot – either that or we panic and walk around for ages! But there’s always somewhere you can make look cool and interesting.


How important do you think it is to use hashtags in your captions and how do you choose which ones to use?

They are definitely worth using, they’re free and can only help you get discovered. I use a service called Flick (a friend called Sam King started it) it’s an amazing tool which helps you choose which hashtags to use and hashtags of the right size for your audience, it’s ace. You can also do this research yourself too, it will just take a little longer.


What is your all time best performing image on your feed?

Outside of collaborations, it’s probably this post from Japan. I think it was because I was on a trip with another YouTuber so we were creating lots of content and its a striking image in a cool local town in Japan. Something different from my usual posts.


Our clients love working with you. What do you think the most important aspect of winning repeat work is?

That’s nice to hear. I think the best thing you can do is communicate really well throughout. Ask questions at the beginning if you’re not sure on the brief and then set the expectations, what you’re going to create, when you’ll deliver etc. That way no-one gets any unwanted surprises and everyone’s happy. Always be responsive on emails too.

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Quick-fire round


Right now I am: About to do a pub quiz, which I’m terrible at because my general knowledge is awful!

Listening to: Aeris Roves – Delilah. It’s really chill. I reckon he’s about to be massive. I’m also listening to an audiobook called Why We Sleep, it’s fascinating.

Watching: I’m obsessed with Bitcoin so I’m watching loads of YouTube videos on that. But also I love cooking shows so a new one called Chef’s Line on Netflix. 

Eating: I’m glad you asked. I’ve had three curries this week and it’s only Wednesday!

Wearing: My Calvin Klein trainers which I love, (too much actually, they are getting ruined). A cool long sleeved North Face top in the airport recently, some black joggers with a white side stripe and then a cap from The Weeknd’s collection.

Drinking: Love myself an Old Fashioned but am working this week so I’m trying the non-alcoholic Becks Blue.