Everything content creators need to know about the new iPhone 11

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Everything content creators need to know about the new iPhone 11

Precarious selfies and phone-on-ledge balancing acts are about to get a lot less stressful.


That’s thanks to the newly announced iPhone 11, with a screen made from the “toughest glass” yet. And if that’s not getting you excited, there are plenty of new camera features too.

Here’s your essential rundown.


iPhone 11:


Brighter flash

The new 36% brighter flash should help you get that perfect nighttime shot. Competing against Google and Samsung, the iPhone 11 also features a new Night Mode which helps reduce motion and blur that appears in low-light images, allowing you night owls to capture high-quality images after dark.


Wider angle

The wide angle dual camera setup will allow you to take a picture and then zoom out to see what is beyond the frame, perfect for when you’re snapping vast landscape shots.

iPhone 11 features

Light adjustments

‘Semantic rendering’ will adjust the lighting of your image based on the subjects in the photo. For example, when you take a snap using portrait mode, this feature will isolate and enhance facial features helping you get the best portrait possible.

Puppy portraits

Speaking of portrait mode, you are now able to use it on other items other than humans, including pets. So now really is the perfect time to make your pup Insta famous.

Video capture

The iPhone 11 shoots in 4k along with the front camera now, which also has a wider-angle sensor, helping you to create better quality videos for your Instagram Stories.


Boosted battery

Say goodbye to power saving mode. The iPhone 11 apparently has a one hour longer battery life than the iPhone XR, which should keep you creating content for longer.


iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max:

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max include all the same features – plus a few extras. The display screen for the Pro is 5.8” while the Pro Max has a 6.5” display. Battery life for the Pro is expected to last four hours longer than the iPhone XS and five more hours against the XS Max for the Pro Max – so plenty of extra battery time to get creating.


Triple camera

Possibly the most exciting feature is the three, 12 megapixel cameras built into the Pro and Max Pro, giving you a broad 120-degree view. They promise amazing camera quality. Get ready for even more impressive ‘shot on an iPhone’ ads.


Deep fusion

Lastly, the new feature called Deep Fusion sounds like the ultimate assistant for taking high quality images in the click of a button. This feature starts by taking four long and four short exposure images before you press the capture button, then once you press the capture button it takes one more long exposure shot. All nine images are then combined to produce one image that has the sharpest details and least amount of noise.


These iPhones are available to buy from 20th September. We can’t wait to see what you create with them.


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