What social content creators think of Instagram’s anti-bullying features

Social content creators have their say on Instagrams latest AI feature
What social content creators think of Instagram’s anti-bullying features

Instagram is asking users to think again before posting negative comments.


An ‘are you sure you want to post this’ prompt will now appear when Instagram’s AI recognises a user typing an unkind comment. The update was announced via an Instagram post earlier this week.

The feature, which will ‘encourage positive interactions’, follows  their promises at the Facebook F8 conference earlier this year to prioritise the welfare of their users and tackle bullying. According to a 2018 report, 59% of teens have been bullied online. Another report found that 45% of US teens feel overwhelmed by the drama on social media.

Instagram also announced an upcoming feature currently in testing mode. ‘Restrict’ will allow people to control the comments they see on their profile. This will empower users, without informing others of their preferences. The privacy of this feature will – they hope – encourage their users to take action to block bullies, without fear of consequence.

What social content creators think of Instagram's anti-bullying features

Our Instagram followers welcomed the news:

AMAZING! Such an incredible step forward on Instagram’s behalf. @whitney.uwandu

I think that’s cool, it’s going to be all positive vibes. @pinoynomad12

This is great. We need to be in control. @seriouslybo

Really good to have this! This social be across all social media platforms. @pizza_and_luna

Anything to make the online world a kinder space is a win with me. @thedalydiary

Sounds great! It sucks people have to be bullied in real life and online now. @teegly

It’s a good idea but hopefully there are no glitches – for example if a comment isn’t offensive or is a joke between friends. @graceandcoy

While others thought Instagram should be prioritising other things:

Just bring back chronological post order @jasminilic

I think Instagram should first fix its bugs @mrsnoondxb

Instagram said the feature was successful in early testing as ‘it encourages some people to undo their comment and share something less hurtful once they have had a chance to reflect’. English-speaking Instagram users will have the new tool first, but there are plans to make it available to users globally in the future.


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