[Infographic] Up your Instagram game in five minutes flat

Fast and effective ways to optimise your Instagram business account
Up your Instagram game in five minutes flat

Fast but effective ways to get the most from your business account.


#1 Make sure your contact details are up-to-date

Business accounts give you the option to add your phone number and email address so followers can get in touch with you quickly. Ensuring these are listed and up-to-date takes moments, but prevents valuable leads slipping though your fingers.

#2 Hashtag

Adding hashtags to your captions has the power to amplify your content, reach new users and grow your following. In short, it’s too good an opportunity to pass up for the sake of a few extra characters. See our best practise guide here.

#3 Organise your Story highlights

Don’t let your Instagram Stories go to waste. Organising them into highlights at the top of your feed gives them extra airtime. It also gives visitors to your profile a reason to spend more time there and hit the follow button. See our how to guide here.

#4 Rewrite your bio

This is a small but extremely valuable piece of real estate on your profile. You can use it to explain who you are, what your business is about, tag other accounts, add a website, emojis or hashtags. Ensure it’s doing you justice, but remains succinct.

#5 View insights on your last post 

This one only takes a second, but shows you at a glance how your last post performed – and why. It provides really valuable learnings to take to your next post, such as how many people found your post through hashtags or their home feed. Read our guide to data.

Up your Instagram game in five minutes flat


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