On finding inspiration; an influencer’s guide to standing out

An influencer's guide to standing out
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It can be said that no idea is original and that any version of art is inspired by someone else’s work. While this can all be true, no one can set the tone or create an image quite like you can. And that is what is key in remaining original and authentic in the flooded space of social media.

Remembering what inspired you to start your profile and remaining motivated by your own values, interests and style can be your most valuable source of inspiration. Style By Trade was born from our interest in fashion and photography- but rather then mimic other high flying fashion bloggers, we wanted to ensure that what we showcase is something that we could actually afford and easily find. All of our content stems from something we are curious about or a trend or product that we love. We can be exploring an exhausted topic, but the key is to tell the story in your own tone- this is what sets you apart from the pack. No one can tell a story like you can, so if your content is built from an authentic foundation, you will have your own stamp of creativity on anything that you create.


Keep visually inspired by articles in magazines, books, movies or other social media platforms like Pinterest. When you see something that stops you in your tracks, explore the subject and create your own version of it. You can keep inspired by your competitors, just ensure you relay a topic or create an image with your own voice. You can relay the same message in your own tone and have an equally individual and successful result.

We live in a time where there are advances in technology and clever tools to assist with life as an influencer that are being released on a daily basis. Keeping on top of what is available can keep you ahead of the game in more ways then one. Whether it’s a new App to design the layout of your Insta Stories, new analytics software or a new Instagram feature, this can have your audience excited and curious about what you will publish next. Jump online and spend 15 minutes researching or check out the App Store to see the new App technology that’s out there.

There are times where we are so excited about launching a new project or posting an image we are proud of and we are surprised when it receives an average response from our audience. This can be a disheartening when you’re so excited about your content, however instead take this as feedback on what your audience is enjoying and use this to your advantage. Their reaction to your content could be as simple as the lighting or posting at the wrong time of the day- either way it forces you to take another look at your content and keeps you striving for bigger and better. If you use this information to get to understand what resonates with your audience, you can tweak your content and when you see a positive result, that is inspiring in itself!

While competing with your fellow 800million Instagram users for attention can be daunting, there is only ONE you. Deliver a message with your own voice and utilise the endless sources of inspiration to keep you creating your unique messages.

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