An interview with style and travel influencer @coppergarden

Read about her biggest challenges as an influencer and big dreams for the future.
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In this interview Vamp chats to influencer @coppergarden and gain insight into her influencer journey and the best thing to come out of it so far. 

Travel and style freelancer @coppergarden shares what the biggest challenges of being an influencer have been, the story and inspiration behind her favourite Instagram post and her big dreams for the future.

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What camera do you use?

I switch between a Canon 7D mk ii, iPhone X and Olympus pen. It depends on the situation to which I’ve got with me. For example, if I’m at an event then its usually my phone.

On average, how long does it take to create a piece of branded content?

It depends on the content required but usually a few hours. 

Your top 3 tips on creating a fashion photograph? 

1/ Keep chatting and moving as the photographer snaps so that the shots are more natural. 

2/ Have an idea of what you’d like the shot to look like, but be open to the end result.

3/ Have fun – facial expression says a lot 

What advice would you give to a brand to help make their influencer campaign as successful as possible? 

Give the influencer creative freedom, you chose that person because you like their style so let them create within their guidelines too. I always find the best content is made when the brief is more open! 

What’s your favourite of all your IG posts? What inspired it? 

I headed to Boulders Beach in Cape Town to get some branded content done with the infamous penguins there. Unfortunately we went at high tide so tried getting around to them in waist deep water with camera equipment before giving up and deciding on this rock. I actually think the picture works really well and you can just about see a penguin in the back.

What are the big dreams for @coppergarden?

To be honest, I just love making content and try to always show the real side of life. I would love to travel more and focus in on that, but I need to find myself a companion for the adventures!

What are the biggest challenges of being an influencer?

Freelance life can be challenging as there isn’t a strict salary each month, but I absolutely love doing what I do, and the freedom and creativity that come from being my own boss so I don’t find many challenges. 

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What’s the best thing that has come about from @coppergarden?

The confidence I’ve found in myself and the friends I’ve made.

Right now I’m…

Listening to: Usually Chill FM

Eating: I just had a bowl of Weetos (always opting for the childish cereals!)

Drinking: a big cup of tea!

Wearing: Jeans and a tee

Watching: I’ve been loving Gilmore Girls recently.

Reading: ‘You are a badass’- great book for self love and personal development.


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