Interview with social media freelancer @londonblogger_

Interview with social media freelancer @londonblogger_
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Vamp caught up with fashion, travel and lifestyle influencer @londonblogger_ to chat collaboration and photography tips.

Freelance marketer turned blogger, @londonblogger_ has a love for fashion, food and travel. Emily moved to London four years ago, leaving her hometown of Bath and loves sharing her favourite big city experiences with her followers. In this exclusive interview she shares some of her top tips and her thoughts on what brands need to do to get the most out of their influencer marketing campaigns.

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Describe your style in 3 words:

It varies a LOT day by day, but my three main vibes are:

  • Masculine
  • Minimalist
  • Chic

What camera do you use?

I shoot with a photographer once a week (@bekkylonsdale – she is amazing!) and she uses a Canon 5D Mark 2. Aside from that I shoot on my iPhoneX.

What editing app/s do you use?

Oh lord.. what DON’T I? I use Snapseed to amend lighting, shadows and saturation, Airbrush to smooth skin or get rid of any blemished on my skin and then I use VSCO for the final filter, using a preset I’ve made. 

When is your optimum posting time? 


On average, how long does it take to create a piece of branded content?

To actually shoot it is probably around 30-40 minutes, but it’s the planning and set-up beforehand that’s time consuming. Amazon orders, unboxing, practicing the shot (e.g. if it’s something I’m making like a cocktail) and setting up the shot. 

Your top 3 tips on creating a fashion photograph

  1. Don’t fall into the trap of shooting with vanity; don’t pout or stick your bottom out because you think that’s what makes you look best and strokes your ego. Shoot as if you’ve stepped into someone else’s body for a moment
  2. Put your embarrassment to one side. Yes, we know we’re not all high fashion models but for the sake of the ‘gram, we are!
  3. Take the time to really learn to edit well

What advice would you give to a brand to help make their influencer campaign as successful as possible? 

Let them have as much creative autonomy as you can allow. I’ve had some brands who really try and push me in a certain direction and it hasn’t been ‘me’; an influencer’s audience follow them for their unique style, so to try and mould it into something else just isn’t going to convert. 

What’s your favourite of all your IG posts? What inspired it? 

Although I love shooting with my photographer and I ADORE shooting for brand collaborations, it’s my organic posts that I really cherish; ones that have a memory and story to them and take Instagram back to where it began. This shot is probably one of my faves for this reason. It’s not shot well and it’s quite low res, but I was having brunch with my cousin and sister and this was me genuinely telling my sister to eff off because she kept making ‘sisterly’ remarks about how embarrassing (posey) I get in front of the camera. We all continued to crack up for a good few minutes afterwards. 

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What are the big dreams for @londonblogger_  ?

To be honest I don’t really think like that. I’m very much a live in the moment person and I just look to enjoy every day. If my channels carried on as they are now for another 20 years I’d be absolutely ecstatic as I’m just really enjoying myself at the moment. 

What are the biggest challenges of being an influencer?

Time management is very tricky; I often find myself spending all day rolling around on the floor doing sweet nothing with my dog and then I’m up until 2am to compensate the time (I need someone to be stood behind me with a whip at all times!). I’m quite an disorganised person naturally, so when I have four meetings in one day I’m 100% reliant on my calendar, otherwise I would crumble! The Instagram algorithms are also a pain in the bum.. when a platform forms your whole business but doesn’t give any insights into exactly why it’s performing how it is, it’s tricky and it’s a guessing game! 

What’s the best thing that has come about from @londonblogger_ ?

Before I started blogging I had very low self esteem and confidence. It’s quite literally changed me as a person and helped me grow and come out of my shell. Now when people meet me they think I’m some bolshy, confident blonde… I just wish they knew me a few years ago! I also love using my voice to spread word of issues such as a anxiety and depression and do some good with the reach I have.

Right now I’m…

Listening to: Chance the Rapper – 65th & Ingleside

Eating: Wheetabix

Drinking: A cup of tea

Wearing: Black boyfriends jeans and a t-shirt (picture 90s Rachel from ‘Friends’)

Watching: SO into Jersey Shore again at the moment. No shame at all. ‘CABS ARE HERE!’

Reading: Sapiens

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