An interview with a top 25 fashion influencer @fleurandrea

Discover her top tips for photography & winning collabs.
@fleurandrea interview

Vamp caught up with fashion, travel and lifestyle influencer @fleurandrea to chat collaboration and photography tips.

Named an Evening Standard Top 25 fashion Influencer, @fleurandrea has worked with many top tier brands including Dior, Selfridges and Burberry. In this exclusive interview she shares some of the secrets of her success, dreams for the future and tips for brands to see success with their influencer marketing campaigns.

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What camera do you use?

It’s more about the photographer, the lens then the body because cameras are not magic wands and too many people buy a DSLR and don’t learn how to use it properly. Check out these photography tips on The Haute Heel.

What editing app/s do you use?

Lightroom and Facetune 

When is your optimum posting time? 

I don’t think this matters much anymore because of the shelf life of a post and how many changes Instagram’s updates bring. It also depends on your audience. Mine is really international, so while people with primarily UK audiences like to post around 8/9pm, this doesn’t always work for me.

What advice would you give to a brand to help make their influencer campaign as successful as possible? 

Be clear about your KPI’s and that it matches with that particular influencer. Pay properly, especially for exclusivity and usage rights. Build personal relationships and be #loyal. The happier someone is with a deal, the more love they’ll put into it (and also show support at events, do Stories and extra posts for free).

What’s your favourite of all your IG posts? What inspired it? 

I am always proud of my editorials, I think my favourite one so far is the bubbles, it reminds me of Tim Walker and my childhood all in one. It was semi spontaneous and it took more artistic direction than anything else to pull off, because visually it’s actually very simple. I also spent 30 minutes blowing enough bubbles while avoiding crickets and spiders to make it work.

What are the big dreams for @fleurandrea?

In the next two years – to travel more regularly while shooting editorial content. I’ve started doing this within the UK and abroad, and it’s what makes this a dream job for me. 

What are the biggest challenges of being an influencer?

The business is extremely personal but that in itself is a paradox. You also can’t pitch and win paid work, unlike every other freelance job. A PR friend even added that not only is this true, it’s regardless of how big you are too. 

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What’s the best thing that has come about from @fleurandrea?

Amazing opportunities that you’d otherwise have to wait for your manager or company to give you. 

Right now I’m…

Listening to: Blondie, it’s a phase

Eating: I’m obsessed with bone broth, it’s not a sexy food. Sorry.

Drinking: Caorunn gin – I did a campaign for them and I fell in love, for real. Even the boyfriend who doesn’t like gin loves it.

Wearing: lots of amazing new designers I’ve found via my favourite PR agencies

Watching: anything made for teenage girls that’s on Netflix.

Reading: the new Fitzgerald compilation of short stories. I tried Kafka’s The Burrow but it was too depressing for summer.


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