How To Become a Successful Influencer: 6 Top Tips

How To Become a Successful Influencer: 6 Top Tips
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Influencer Tips 101: find out how to become a successful influencer

Learning how to become a successful influencer you soon realise how much there is to learn! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Creating Style By Trade has been an exciting journey filled with great opportunities and exploring creativity. Becoming a successful men’s fashion influencer involves a lot more then meets the eye and our journey hasn’t come without masses of trial and error, learning from our mistakes and years of dedication and patience. We’ve outlined our 101 tips to navigating the Instagram world as an influencer.

1. Authenticity

We’re a husband and wife team and our sole intention with Style By Trade was to explore our passions and to have the opportunity to work together in a creative way. Our content is generated around our interests and having this mentality has meant we’ve remained authentic to us and our audience. The minute you try and move outside of what you’re passionate about, is the moment your feed feels contrived and your audience will quickly realise this.

2. Be selective about brand collaborations

Authenticity brings us to our next point on how to become a successful influencer. Be selective about the brands you collaborate with. We have a rule that we won’t accept a paid collaboration unless it’s a brand or alignment we would work on pro bono.

It’s tempting to accept paid partnerships based on the financial reward, however selecting work purely based on this opposed to it being something you genuinely believe in can do you a disservice. Your audience have placed trust in you and it’s very easy for them to click the unfollow button when they begin to sense insincerity in your feed.

3. Growing your followers

We have a theory, slower the rise and slower the fall so patience and consistency key. Growing your audience from zero can be intimidating but if you post daily, create meaningful content and engage with your audience, you will gradually see results. Create content that is reposted by others so you’re introduced to their audience. One the momentum starts, your audience will grow organically.

While it may feel tempting, buying followers isn’t the answer. It defeats the purpose of what we do as influencers. Your passion for what you’re creating should be so contagious that people want to jump on board your Instagram journey.

4. Maintaining engagement (likes and comments)

While having a large following is important, its equally as essential to have high engagement levels. Its used as a gauge of how interested your audience is in what you have to say. There are three important factors in keeping engagement levels high- interacting with your community, keeping your content strong and structuring your post effectively.

Your fellow Instagrammers also place a lot of time and energy into their feed so ensure you take the time to reach out to your community. Engage with their content and ensure you reply to messages, comments and emails- that’s what social media is all about, connecting with people.

Keep your content creative, fresh and aligned with your style. Use relevant hashtags, tag brands/companies, add the location on each post as this enhances its visibility and therefore encourages greater engagement.

There is a new Instagram function where your audience can follow hashtags. Create your profile’s own hashtag and encourage your audience to follow it.

5. Tools of the trade

There are a multitude of helpful apps on the market that can streamline your life as an influencer. Using apps to assist with organising your content, insights to your audience and platforms connecting you with brands are all super helpful.

One of our favourites is Vamp which is a great tool in connecting you with brands that align with your aesthetic which gives you the opportunity to unleash your creative flair in a commercial arena. Vamp regularly publish helpful articles outlining tips and tricks as well as allowing you to see your engagement rate which is a really important tool.

Set up your profile as a business on Instagram as this gives you access to great information on your audience demographic, highest time of engagement and the reach of your posts.

6. Developing relationships with brands and suppliers

Before you even post an image, there are often days worth of planning behind it. Each collaboration involves a lot of conversing with clients/brands/PR agencies. There are far too many influencers out there so sometimes its being that friendly, reliable and professional person keeps you at the forefront of their minds. A great media kit is also essential.

There you have it, Instagram 101 from us at Style By Trade. The biggest piece of advise we can give you is to have fun with your profile. It’s all about being creative and connecting with people. Once you nail that, you’re in a great position to take your profile as far as you want!

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