Influencer Best Practice Guide to Video Content Creation

Influencer Best Practice Guide to Video Content Creation
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Why video content creation matters

High quality video content creation is a highly sought after asset by brands in the rapidly evolving influencer and content marketing industry.

Influencers who have been predominantly imagery focused up until this point should be looking to up-skill in videography or find a videographer they can shoot high quality content with for brands.

Vertical and horizontal

Shoot vertical and horizontal to maximise your value as a videographer. It’s useful to shoot any video piece for landscape and vertical to maximise the chances of brands paying for additional usage rights to utilise your video

Facebook has shared with us that 6-15 second vertical video is some of the highest performing content on their channel.

From an algorithm point of view, vertical video is prioritised over landscape video as most people go on social media on their phones.

Millennials (16-30) spend more than 3 hours a day on their phones, with approximately 150 minutes of that time holding the phone vertically. We spend the majority of our phone time vertical – that’s how we answer our phone calls, respond to texts and scroll on Instagram. When you think about it horizontal video really doesn’t make much sense for these social channels.

If the video sits well within a vertical phone it is more likely to perform better which is an attractive proposition for brands seeking high-performing, quality content. Whether it’s for Instagram Stories, Facebook or Snapchat, vertical is winning the day.

Brands using your video in paid media will usually run multiple ad campaigns of your content at the same time to see which one performs better. Providing them with shorter and longer edits will enable the brands more chance for your ads to perform highly on Facebook and Instagram.

The edit

The optimum size for vertical video for mobile is 1080px by 1920px. Your video should be 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels in height. This is also known as an aspect ratio of 9:16.

You will usually need to provide brands with video edits of 6 seconds and 15 seconds.

Every frame counts

Pro-tip: The first and last frames should always showcase the product.

Tell a story with the frames of the video. If it helps, draw a video storyboard before you shoot to give you a guideline of how the video will flow. It’s a good idea to create separate storyboards for shorter and longer edits.

Sometimes less is more.


If you are speaking in the video for a how-to guide, for example, ensure that you use a microphone that picks up high quality sound. You don’t want lots of background noise distracting the listener from what you’re saying.

Music rights with video

If you choose to include music with your video you must ensure that you own the rights to use the music and for the music to be used for commercial purposes by the brand. It’s important that the musician is fairly compensated for their work. The brand

As videos are often edited alongside pieces of music so that the flow and transitions between shots are smooth it’s a good idea to find this at the start.

As the brand might want to pay additional usage rights to use your video outside in owned and paid media, ensure that your music choice aligns with the brand. If you’re unsure, check in with the brand or agency with the music before you dive into the editing process.

Creative commons offers some free music but it’s worth including budget in your fee to the brand for you to pay for the rights to use the music in case that perfect piece of music isn’t free.

Here are a few suggestions for sources of creative commons music:

Brands aren’t guinea pigs

Lastly, influencers wanting to get more work creating video, post video more regularly on their feed need to ensure their followers become used to seeing it.

Don’t use your paid campaign as a trial as you want to feel confident that your video will perform well on your feed to increase your chances of repeat work with that brand or others.

Posting high quality video to your feed outside of campaigns also gives you the opportunity to showcase your portfolio of amazing videography with brands.

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