7 things to consider when creating fashion content

7 Things to Consider when Creating Fashion Content
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Shooting the perfect fashion content for Instagram can involve a lot of trial and error. What works best for your audience may be different to another influencer so it’s important to bring your own creative flair to your content. In saying that, there is a formula when it comes to perfecting your fashion imagery for Instagram.

These are our top tips for creating a standout fashion post:

Fashion Content Tip 1. Crew:

One of the toughest logistical problems influencers face is having a photographer to shoot your content! Connect with your fellow influencer community to collaborate with. While you need a photographer to shoot, the photographer needs a model to capture! Build relationships with photographers who share your vision and aesthetic and it could lead to a regular working partnership.

Fashion Content Tip 2. Camera:

As much as it would be so much easier to whip out your iphone, having a good camera (that you know how to use) can really create magic with your final image. The quality of your imagery can be your point of difference and create a very professional finish though your feed. It’s not always easy- there have even been times where we’ve set our camera on a tripod with a timer but managed to capture some great images! In saying that, there are a number of times that we’ve used an iphone- just ensure those shots remain consistent with the rest of your content!

Fashion Content Tip 3. Lighting:

This is the single most important factor- any photographer will agree. Natural light our secret ingredient to a great post. If you don’t get it 100% right on the shoot day, there are apps and programs to get your photo Instagram ready. If you use the Instagram editing tools right, this can be all you need. Otherwise Photoshop Elements and Snapseed are our go-toos. We find the best time of the day to shoot is early morning or in the late afternoon/early evening when the sun isn’t at its strongest.

Fashion Content Tip 4. Location:

One regular piece of feedback we receive about Style By Trade is how we constantly shoot at interesting locations. Choosing a location which suits the outfit your shooting really ups the ante on your post (i.e. torn jeans and a tee is much better suited to an industrial area rather then an opulent historic building). Shooting on location not only keeps your feed looking varied and interesting, it tells more of a story and communicates a stronger message to your audience. Its also good to consider the time of the day you are shooting as there is nothing worse then trying to take a street style shot in the middle of the city when it’s peak hour!

Fashion Content Tip 5. Prepping the outfit:

As a spokesperson for fashion, your audience look to you for tips and tricks so it’s important to ensure your outfit is looking it’s best. Take the time to prep your outfit so it’s clean, crisp and well put together before you even stand in front of the camera.

Fashion Content Tip 6. Crop/Shooting the whole outfit:

As much as we’d love to go nuts with artistic expression, your audience want to see what you’re wearing! If it’s a paid partnership, your client will want their outfit to be well represented and in its entirety. We personally find that we have the best level of engagement from our audience when the outfit is nicely lit and full length.

Fashion Content Tip 7. Aesthetic:

Having your own style and aesthetic is really important. Having a streamlined feed with one beautifully curated image after the next makes for a strong feed. As they say- the first 9 photos in your feed is the first impression you give a potential follower or client and it’s very easy to swipe away or be intrigued to scroll down and hit the follow button.

As much as this may sound like a cliché, we will wrap up with our most important tip: have fun. It’s very easy to get carried away with perfecting a shot or stressing about all elements being on point, but at the end of the day, that relaxed expression on your face will shine through your content and create a happy place for your audience to visit.


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