Yay or Nay: is your next brand collaboration right for you?

Yay or Nay: is Your Next Brand Collaboration Right for You?
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Every single brand collaboration you choose defines you as an influencer. Knowing when to say no to a brief is just as important as when to say yes.

In 2018 the most forward-thinking brands are incorporating influencer marketing into their long-term advertising strategy. This means there is an influx of opportunities for micro-influencers. At Vamp, we operate on an opt-in basis for our briefs. This gives you the power to apply for only those briefs which resonate with you the most. Recently, we have worked with a host of amazing international brands including Estée Lauder, Ray-Ban and Tiffany’s. Want to join us? It’s as simple as downloading our app and applying to be a part of our exclusive collective.

Unlike the Insta-famous with six-figure followings, micro-influencers are intricately connected to their audience and know their devotees inside and out. Significantly for brands, research has shown that micro-influencers have an 8 x higher engagement than celebrities and are 4 x more likely to get a comment on a post! Such stats show the value of micro-influencers as powerful brand ambassadors. But which brands should you be saying yes to – and which ones is it best to pass on? Vamp’s got the inside guide on which collabs to choose!


Brand Collaboration Tip 1: Be fearlessly authentic

At Vamp, our motto is “be fearlessly authentic.” As a member of our collective you are among the crème de la crème of influencers. We’ve chosen you to join us because we love your unique aesthetic and style. It’s important to keep this in mind when applying for briefs. Only opt in for the briefs which you know fit in with your carefully-curated feed and you feel confident producing high-quality, brand aligned content for.

As the person in charge of your feed, you have the inside scoop of which content creates the best engagement for your audience. Think about this when you opt in for the brief by finding out more about the brand and their products. (If the campaign is for a product or brand launch it’s particularly important that you do your research). A brand’s social accounts is an easy place to suss out what a brand stands for. This will also let you see the aesthetic they create online for themselves. Think about if this is something you wish to replicate on your own feed – if it is then go for it!


Brand Collaboration Tip 2: Think like a brand

When considering Insta-collabs, it’s important to think like a brand. A brand wouldn’t risk compromising their carefully-crafted persona or reputation by aligning with another brand or campaign which didn’t reflect their own values and aesthetic. Similarly, you should only be promoting products which you feel comfortable and confident recommending.

Think about the way in which you would shoot the product if you are chosen for the brand, before you commit to taking part. It’s important to remember that the brand will require the product to be the hero of your image and logo/branding to be clear. If you feel that the colours or style of the product would not be a authentic to your feed, then it’s best to opt out. At Vamp, our briefs often allow you to choose from a range of products, which allows you to only promote products which fit naturally into your feed and lifestyle.

Similarly, Vamp briefs always ask which type of content you wish to shoot. This means you can create imagery or video which compliments your feed and offers the best engagement with your followers. Often there is also the chance to choose a theme around which to create your image and the message to convey in your caption. This allows you to ensure your caption is authentic. Notably, when micro influencers do a call to action the audience persuasion level is higher. This is because their followers are more connected to them and their audience trusts their opinion over a macro-influencer.


Brand Collaboration Tip 3: Evolving Identity

If there are certain brands you wish to collaborate with, it’s important to take a look at their Instagram to understand their aesthetic. Whilst at Vamp, we believe in remaining true to you this doesn’t mean your Instagram identity is static. Vamp understands that conscientious influencers will constantly be seeking new opportunities and ways in which your content and feed can develop.

If you are looking to up your Insta game then check out @whatshepictures recent article on why you need a photography style, which will help you hone your skills. If you wish to develop your video and editing skills, (such as stop-motion and cinemagraphs) then start incorporating these into your feed with non-branded, personal content so that you are prepared when an opportunity arises and the content will sit naturally on your feed.

Ultimately, if the brand collaboration gets you excited to create content then you can be confident you’re making the right decision to opt-in!

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