How to be an interior designs #girlboss with @woolandwillow

How to be an interior designs #girlboss with @woolandwillow

Georgina created @woolandwillow as a way to express her creativity. With a natural flair for arts and crafts, she started creating her own affordable, on-trend homewares products and selling them online to help establish herself as an interior designer and stylist. As a mother and a business owner, she is a strong believer in women’s rights and believes in the power of social media for women’s empowerment. 

Tell us about @woolandwillow. What is your experience of being #girlboss in the interior design and homewares industry?

Ever since I was very young, I remember myself as being a very creative person. I always involved myself in anything arts and crafts. I loved to re-arrange my bedroom furniture and also constantly changed the decor in my parents’ home.

I studied Arts, graphics and interiors in high school and continued my passion for Interior Design through University where I learnt all about Interior Design, Architectural design, Furniture and Lighting design along with Graphic Design and Photography. I then graduated with a B.A. in Interior Design in 2005.

I created Wool and Willow after giving birth to my daughter as a creative outlet and a way to express my self and my passion of interior design and styling, I’ve always been very creative and found that homewares were heard to come by that were gorgeous on-trend and affordable at the same time. So, I decided to create my own homewares from what I loved and wanted to have in my home and this has now expanded and so many more people now can have the same affordable products in their home. This was also a great way to showcase my abilities as an Interior Designer and get my name out there.  I am now privileged to be amongst some amazing brands and businesses out there.

This was also perfect for me to be able to be a stay at home mum, raise my daughter and run my own business.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

IWD is a reminder that women are equal and have the same rights as men, we are no less worthy or less capable of achieving goals. As women we all stick together and help support each other even without a specific day to help celebrate.

How do you use Instagram to build a personal brand/your business?

Instagram has come along way from when it first came out. It was just a few people posting images of their life and adding filters to enhance their images. Now it has become a global platform for all creatives in the world. Instagram has helped me promote my small business and passion for Interior design through a like minded community. It’s a place where like minded people help support each other, help grow and creates amazing friendships along the way. It has become my go to place where I can share and promote my Styling, home and business through images and connecting that to my site.

How can social media help women feel more body confident?

As previously mentioned Instagram has become a community now. By sharing our day to day life and style we come to realise that so many women don’t feel comfortable with their body and some people may judge them. On Instagram all women are like minded and help each other, support each other and make them realise that they are beautiful and unique just the way they are. It helps break away from the stereotypes with a simple snap of an image.

What advice would you give to a woman who is nervous about going for a job/promotion/pay rise/starting a business?

I would say be yourself and be confident, being a women doesn’t mean we cant make our dreams come true, achieve our goals and ask for what we want. Not to stay silent and speak up.

How does being an influencer/content creator empower you?

Creating amazing content promoting products and brands we love is a great achievement, it gives us the voice to show others and influence them in buying a product or even changing a style of life. Its from us every day people who will be able to connect and influence others rather than a staged commercial or promotion.

Who inspires you?

So many people on Instagram (social media) and bloggers and influencers inspire us these days, but the main people would have to be family and friends as they inspire me constantly to achieve more to push myself and my boundaries to create something even better. They are the reason I create new products, new Interiors and spaces.

Your proudest moment?

My proudest moment would be giving birth and becoming a mother, there is no greater feeling of achievement or feeling of love.

If you could say one thing to your younger self what would it be?

I would say to keep creating never stop, never give up and always push your boundaries. Never look at what others are doing, just do what you love and great things will be achieved.

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