Vamp study: How marketers are working with influencers in 2020

We asked 124 marketers how they are using digital content creators in 2020. Download the report here.

As the influencer marketing industry matures, it’s fascinating to see the relationship between brand and creator evolve.


With new opportunities (Instagram’s Branded Content Ads and shoppable posts) and challenges (hidden likes and fake followers), emerging all of the time, the influencer space is changing fast. We ran a survey of 124 marketers to find out how they worked with influencers, what they prioritised and where they had seen success.

Among our findings:


80% said that influencer-generated assets performed the same – or better – than brand-created assets. Whether it’s better engagement, more swipe ups or more leads generated, our marketers said that influencer content delivers, even better than what they created themselves. Why? Creators can bring life and personality to brands. They know how to capture attention online and they’re at the forefront of social trends.

41% of marketers have saved budget on content creation by engaging influencers. So this tells us that not only does this content perform, but it’s actually a more cost effective solution for brands than traditional agencies.

60% of the marketers we surveyed have repurposed influencer marketing to make social ads. This mobile-first content is perfect for social ads and we’ve seen clients getting some amazing results with them – especially when they’ve been optimised with sound and animation.

43% of marketers said the quality of an influencer’s content was their prime concern when choosing a collaborator. That’s over their reach and their engagement. Why is this? Well we all know the algorithm favours content that is highly engaged with, so creating thumb stopping stand out content is one way to be seen by your customers. Average content may as well be invisible. Plus if this content is now being reused in so many places, it makes sense to prioritise quality.

To see the rest of the survey results – and check on how your experience with influencer marketing stacks up – download the full report.

Download the full report.

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Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.