On demand webinar: How to preserve positive work culture through lockdown

Two people and culture experts reveal how COVID-19 has impacted their teams and their biggest challenges so far

At a time when we are all working and spending apart – how can you keep teams feeling united?


That was the topic of Vamp’s third webinar in their series COVID-19 Perspectives. We asked two people and culture experts – Dom Price, Work Futurist at Atlassian and Bianca Villareal, Employee Experience Manager at Vamp – how to preserve positive work culture through lockdown. They explained how they supported their teams quick transition into remote working, the innovative ways they’ve been helping employees remain connected and why this is such a pivotal moment to talk about mental health.

Things completely changed in the space of a week. I’m going to be honest and say it was a huge WTF moment, but you had no time to mess around. At times like this you just have to step up. I think one positive that has come from all of this is that the subject of mental health has been talked about more.” Bianca Villareal, Employee Experience Manager, Vamp.

It’s a time for leaders – and leaders can be anyone in an organisation – to step up and role model certain behaviours that are going to help us survive and thrive in this time. They are probably different to the behaviours we used to need. It’s healthy to acknowledge that the old way doesn’t always work, you can’t just copy and paste it. Challenge things. Let’s find a way of adapting through this together, but let’s not pretend we have the answers. Dom Price, Work Futurist, Atlassian.

Watch the webinar below.

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