On demand webinar: How to lead a company through lockdown

Vamp's CEO and the founder of The Lab 17 explain what this challenging time has taught them

Leading a startup is challenging enough – but what’s it like to lead a startup through a global pandemic?


To find out, Vamp’s Head of Content Lauren Thomas asked Co-Founder of The Lab 17 Nick Ingall and Vamp’s CEO Gill Findlay what they’ve learned, what’s surprised them the most – and what advice they can offer to other leaders.

“The difference between being a ‘wartime’ or a ‘peacetime’ CEO is back in the spotlight. The idea that as a leader when things are going well, you’re focusing on expansion and reinforcing the company’s strengths. But in times of ‘war’ when the company is threatened, a new set of skills and actions are needed. I think actually, being the CEO, or any leader in a startup is like being a war time CEO – all of the time!”  Gill Findlay, Vamp’s CEO .

“We’re going back to basics. Fundamental business principles are quite simple. Solve a validated problem, help your customer see value in your solution, if that is the case they’ll have no issue paying for it.  We have a tendency to over complicate things sometimes. This pandemic is highlighting those integral things that really matter as a leader. It is really hard to fake leadership when you’re under pressure.”  Nick Ingall, Co-Founder of The Lab 17.

Watch the webinar below.

In the webinar, Gill mentions the Sequoia Capital Medium article, Coronavirus: The Black Swan of 2020, you can read that here. Nick referenced Patagoina and you can read more about their leadership and values here.

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