How to edit your Instagram photos like a pro

We interviewed two Vamp creators for their editing tips and tricks and what continues to inspire them.

67% of influencers have used lockdown as an opportunity to try out different content styles and formats, according to our recent Instagram poll.


If you’re searching for new ways to keep your feed looking fresh while stuck at home, be inspired by these talented creators. This week, we’re showcasing the work of @anniesbucketlist from Australia and Italian creator @gabdetails who recently worked on our campaign with Huawei.

To discover their editing tips and tricks, we asked them what continues to inspire them and how they’re using innovative photoshop techniques to keep their feeds looking exciting during lockdown.



“I take inspiration from everyday household items to create my images”


I’m always on the lookout for visual cues around me. It’s easy when I’m travelling, but now that  I’m at home, I’ve had to take notice of the household items I see every day.

When collaborating with a brand, I first think about the unique product features I could showcase. For the Huawei, I wanted to highlight the camera quality of the P40 Pro’s camera and the macro lens, by playing around with focus and depth in a bright and interesting way.

I chose an “Alice in Wonderland” theme and searched around the house for a festive tea set, outfit and a box of flowers to match. When I had my items, I drew a sketch and translated that sketch into a new landscape in Photoshop


“Editing a photo on your phone gives you an idea of how your image will look to a social scroller”


Photoshop was the first software I taught myself how to use. I usually default to using it on my desktop first, then I refine the image using apps on my phone. I like Instasize for filters and VSCO for clarity, temperature and vignette effects.

I edit on both my desktop and phone because an image can look different on your computer screen compared to your mobile. Editing on the phone gives you a better idea of how your image will look when someones scrolling past it on their feed. I often find myself cropping, adding more depth or detail to the image when I see it on my phone. 


“Editing can take anything between 10 minutes and an hour, depending on what I’m creating”


When I edit a regular image I shoot in RAW, open it in Photoshop and make adjustments like white balance, tone, and saturation. You can make most adjustments on the Basic tab, and then use controls on the other tabs to fine-tune the results. Once I’m happy, I click Open and use other tools and controls, such as sharpening, reducing noise, correcting lens defects and retouching.

These settings can then be saved as presets and applied to other photos. This usually only takes me around 10-15 minutes.

When I make a Photoshop Project image I don’t always need to shoot my images in RAW. I’ll think of the image I want to create, find items around the house to match and sketch a draft for reference. Based on the sketch, I create layers in Photoshop. I always start with the background layer, then add more on top until I make my way to the foreground layer. The final touches such as shading and shadows are my final steps.

These take me a bit longer to make, usually around an hour. Some days I might hit a roadblock and need to sleep on it to reset my imagination.

“I re-edit my most popular posts to create new content”


 Some weeks I’ll focus on Photoshop Projects which will add some fresh content to my feed. But other weeks I may decide to upload unpublished content or go through my popular posts to see which ones can be re edited and published. I like to change it up to keep things interesting. It just depends on how much time I have to edit. 



“A meticulously curated pastel theme helps to keep my feed looking consistent”


I keep my feed looking very pastel-coloured to turning my images of reality into a more flawless collection of photos. To keep all of my content consistent, I meticulously edit each photo using software such as Photoshop on my computer and Snapseed on my mobile. I haven’t yet managed to create my own presets, however I’m working on them in Lightroom. It’s a challenge for me. Every present I make seems to just be right for that one image, but not for the next.


“With this Huawei campaign image I was trying to share my quarantine experience”


I believe the job of an influencer is to adapt to the times we are living in and send positive messages to your audience, without losing your identity. For this campaign, I wanted to fill my life with colour but also promote the message of how important it is to stay safe and healthy while in quarantine. I find that anything can be creative, even a few generic latex gloves will do the trick!


“Budding editors should think about what they’re trying to communicate through their content”


Recognise the messages you want to tell your audience through your content and have a clear understanding of the most innovative way to portray them. This is how you will stand out from the crowd and have people recognise your work among so many other creators.


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How to edit your Instagram photos like a pro – part two


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