Achieving a 93x ROAS for Selfridges’ sustainability initiative

Find out how we achieved a ROAS 35.6x higher than the platform benchmark for Selfridges' latest planet-friendly campaign.
Achieving a 93x ROAS for Selfridges’ sustainability initiative

Vamp influencers with a passion for slow-fashion and sustainability drove benchmark-beating ROAS for Selfridges’ new initiative, Project Earth.


Conscious consumerism has become increasingly popular among shoppers who are looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The fashion industry produces around 10% of global carbon emissions every year, and uses an estimated 1.5 trillion litres of water annually, as calculated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

62% of Generation Z say they would prefer to buy from sustainable brands and in response these concerns, brands like Selfridges are providing customers an option to shop more ethically and sustainably.

Selfridges’ Project Earth launched in Autumn 2020, offering sustainable services such as ReSellfridges and Rent Your Wardrobe that are supported by online ethical and planet-friendly edits. Its aim is to help customers make more sustainable shopping choices that are better for the planet, without losing any of that Selfridges sparkle.

So, the UK department store turned to Vamp to help drive awareness and generate sales for Project Earth.




The goal for Selfridges was to generate high-quality, re-usable content that would help promote and drive mass awareness of all the on and offline sustainability efforts of Project Earth.




This campaign combined beautiful influencer generated content with a boosting element.

Phase one

Selfridges partnered with six UK-based Vamp creators, who all have interests in luxury, sustainability, slow fashion and wellness. These creators were selected to authentically promote products from the Project Earth edit. Content was organically shared over a two week period.

Phase two

Vamp then boosted these organic influencer posts to a wider audience with similar interests to the selected creators. This drove mass awareness of Project Earth and encouraged sales.





  • 77.5k reached customers organically
  • 401 Story swipe ups to brand website
  • 92.6x return on ad spend
  • 2.2% boosting engagement rate, 3.3x higher than platform benchmark


Content generated by creators with genuine advocacy for the Selfridges brand and their initiative proved the perfect fuel for the subsequent boosting campaign. With these authentic assets, Vamp was able to effectively engage social users and drive them to action. Resulting in an incredible ROAS for Selfridges. 

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