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Discover eye-opening insights about the booming sector, the trends that are sweeping our social feeds and how leading brands are preparing for 2021
Download Vamps free Deep Dive report on homewares trends

We’ve never spent so much time at home.


For the past 12+ months, many of us been confined to the same four walls. Plenty of time to really take in all those half-finished DIYs and rooms we’ve been meaning to freshen up. No wonder the homewares sector is booming. 40% of us reportedly shopped for new home accessories to jazz up our space. But even post lockdown, it looks as if this upward trajectory is set to continue. Global home improvement sales are set to increase by 6.4% in 2021.

With so much focus on the homes and interiors, we dive into the biggest consumer and retail trends in the space – and take a look at some of the brands leading the way.


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  • The latest and greatest homeware trends across social media. Including TikTok’s thrift-flips, homefluencers and their hacks.
  • Which retail and marketing trends are shaping the future for marketers in the sector.
  • How fashion brands are both influencing and capitalising on our homebody lifestyles.
  • How IKEA, Sheridan and West Elm achieved social success with Vamp.

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Download Vamps free Deep Dive report on homewares trends



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