[Video] 10 camera hacks for photographers and videographers

@denysblack shares his tips for photographers and videographers
10 camera hacks for photographers and videographers

Looking to improve your camera skills? Here are 10 camera hacks for Photographers and Videographers from Vamp creator @denysblack


Denys shares his favourite photography and videography hacks in the video below – and tells us what inspires him to create.

Photography has been my hobby for many years, but two years ago I started taking on professional work and collaborating with brands on social media.

I love being a content creator and getting to work on different projects. It’s not a typical 9-5 job and every day is different. I’m able to choose which brands I want to work with and it’s always an exciting challenge to come up with unique content for a brand.

I’m a little bit obsessed with architecture and geometry. I can’t just pass by a skyscraper without taking a shot of it, even on my iPhone. Same with nature, especially during the sunrise or sunset. It’s just too beautiful to not to capture it.

I’m a real perfectionist. There are so many things I still want to improve on in terms of my photography and videography, I feel like I’m just starting out. It’s all a big learning curve, that’s why I wanted to make this video and share some of the best hacks I’ve found so far.

My advice to budding videographers is always ‘never stop creating’. Go out and shoot as much as you can, no matter what gear do you have now, no matter what weather conditions are – it’s all about practice and experience.”


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