How to secure more brand collaborations in 2022

Vamp's most-selected creators from 2021 share their expert advice on how to win more work.
How to secure more brand collaborations in 2022

Almost 40% of the creators we recently surveyed said that ‘Consistently securing brand collaborations’ is one of the hardest things about their job. 


That’s why the Vamp app is dedicated to simplifying the collaboration process between brand and creator. When you join our creator community, our app will deliver new collaboration opportunities to your phone every week, so you’ll never have to pitch to brands yourself again! 

Thanks to the Vamp app, @ootdstylistaa managed to secure a whopping 39 campaigns with us in 2021. We asked her, and two more of our most-selected creators from last year, to share their tips on how to secure more brand collaborations with Vamp in 2022.

I’m a big fan of Vamp and I love that they provide influencers with opportunities to connect with big brands. I’ve had a marvelous experience working with loads of their elite clients such as Marks & Spencer, Big W and Bobby Brown.

#1 Authenticity is the best policy


Brands want to collaborate with creators who can organically align with their messaging and goals to create an authentic partnership. This means they will be looking at your previous posts to determine whether or not you’ll be the perfect fit for their brand.

@ootdstylistaa’s top piece of advice is to always remain your most authentic self online. To do this, she will “Always aim to create content that shares a relatable experience with my audience. Authenticity to me is sharing real life moments that real people can resonate with.”

UK creator @beautyrocksblog scored 21 campaigns with us in 2021. She also suggests, “Creating high quality content while remaining true to yourself, as brands will want to work with people who create appealing content, that is also in line with their own values and ethics.” Learn more about how to be an authentic content creator here.

#2 Don’t opt into every campaign opportunity


We get it, more work means more money. But you’re less likely to secure a collab if the brand and their campaign doesn’t align with your niche. After working on 19 Vamp campaigns last year, @selintufanoglu instead suggests that you, “Only apply for a campaign if you think it will suit your content style and audience.” This will help you remain authentic, establish that extra level of trust, and keep your audience engaged with relevant content.

Similarly, @ootdstylistaa says, “I only apply to work with fashion or lifestyle brands. They are my forte and I have significant experience in creating content for these types of brands.” Brands want those authentic engagements, and you won’t get those from your audience if you’re promoting a foreign brand to them.

We advise thoroughly reading briefs, checking the content will suit your feed and audience, and that the brand will align with your lifestyle and beliefs. And if you haven’t heard of the brand before, research them to decide if they’re a perfect fit for you.

How to secure more brand collaborations in 2022

#3 Set a competitive rate


Setting a competitive price when applying for Vamp campaigns will always improve your chances of being selected. On average, 105 influencers apply to each campaign, but only 10 are selected! This is why @selintufanoglu recommends that you, “Keep your rates reasonable” as this will set you apart from your peers, boosting your chances of winning the job. 

When deciding on your rate for a particular campaign, think about two things: What the campaign is for and what work is going to be involved. Here’s more tips on how to use Vamp’s ‘set your own rate’ feature to win more work in 2022.

How to secure more brand collaborations in 2022

#4 Deliver on-brief content


Avoid going rogue and stick to the brief. This is @selintufanoglu’s final piece of advice saying, “Make sure you fulfill a brand’s brief requirements perfectly. This will increase your chances of getting selected by that brand again for future campaigns.”

We suggest re-reading a brief a minimum of four times throughout the campaign process, to minimise the risk of you having to reshoot your content and delay live dates. Run through a brief before applying for a campaign, before shooting your content, while shooting your content and before submitting your content for review. Clients will love your accuracy and time-saving qualities.

Don’t stop here. Make 2022 your year and learn more tips that will help you win more work with Vamp:


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