Webinar: Re-vamp your socials and grow your small business

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Webinar Re-vamp your socials and grow your small business

Social media is where we as consumers go to discover new brands and 58% say they visit a brand’s social media pages before visiting their website.


That’s why our recent webinar, hosted by General Assembly, focused on ways small businesses could boost their social strategies. To help aid their discoverability, brand awareness and make sales.

Catch up on the webinar below and get a snapshot of the very latest social trends and platform updates from Vamp’s Head of Content, Lauren Thomas. You’ll also learn tips on how you can use them to grow your business via Vamp’s Partnerships Manager and content creator, Lee Besser and Publicis Media’s Social Content Strategist and small business owner, Lorna Moffatt.

Learn about:

  • Instagram Reels. How to use Instagram’s latest feature to get your brand noticed – and how NOT to use them!
  • How to get the best out of TikTok and use it to influence customers purchasing decisions.
  • Everything you need to know before you work with micro influencers. How to boost awareness, drive sales and get good return on investment.
  • How social commerce is taking shape and you can get prepared.
  • Aesthetics are ruling the TikTok scene. We share how your brand can use the trend to connect with Gen Z
  • How every single brand can tap into our obsession with nostalgia – and why they should.
  • YouTube’s new short-from video feature, Shorts, is coming. Here’s what you should know.
Reels’ current virality is giving brands and creators a really powerful platform to reach lots of new people through engaging content. Some of my clients, including OPPO, have added hundreds of thousands of impressions to their campaigns, just by including Reels.

Lee Besser

TikTok can be intimidating to a lot of brands, everybody knows they should be there but are wondering how they can get in. So the main way we’ve seen brands do this successfully is by partnering with TikTok creators.

Lorna Moffatt

Reassuringly, it’s actually these power middle influencers, with 10-100k followers who seem to be delivering the best return on investment.

Lauren Thomas

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Webinar Re-vamp your socials and grow your small business
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