The Everything Guide to TikTok for Marketers

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.


TikTok has become the most popular short-form video app.

With its raw, unpolished videos and ability to spread viral challenges, TikTok has transformed the way we consume and create video content. It’s also given brands a whole new way to engage with consumers on social media.

But since it looks, sounds, and acts very differently to any social platform that came before it, understanding its trends, features, and content creators can be challenging for marketers.

That’s where Vamp’s Everything Guide to TikTok for Marketers comes in.
We’ve taken our learnings as an official Creative Marketing Partner, and the countless campaigns we’ve run for brands like Adobe and Estee Lauder to bring you this best practice guide. Consider it the only TikTok handbook you’ll need to succeed.

Download our guide and learn:

  • The six things every marketer should know about TikTok
  • How to effectively use the app’s most popular features
  • Five steps to creating a successful brand account on TikTok
  • What type of organic TikTok content performs the best
  • How to effectively partner with TikTok creators
  • How to use the eight different ad options available to marketers
  • What it takes to create high-performing TikTok ads that maximise your ROI
  • How brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Sheridan, and Rimmel London achieved TikTok success with Vamp
Enter your details below to download Vamp’s free ‘Everything Guide to TikTok for Marketers’ and watch your brand become the next Duolingo.


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Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.