Spreading awareness for Unilever’s recycled plastics

How Unilever turned to Vamp to help spread the word about their new recycled plastics beauty range

Beauty brands are increasingly adapting to appeal to Gen Z, known as ‘the activist generation’, by making a stand for social issues or sustainability.


As Rachel Strugatz writes in ‘What It Means to Be a Gen Z Beauty Brand Today’ for the New York Times. “A company can’t just sell skin care, cosmetics, hair care or perfume. Good product matters, but what matters more is standing for something, whether it’s being cruelty free (E.L.F. Cosmetics) or simply being the best version of yourself (Glossier).”

As consumers of all ages have become more concerned by brand ethics, sustainability has come into focus. Australian searches for low-waste living have increased by 446% YoY on Pinterest, according to the social platform’s August newsletter.

One brand making steps towards sustainability is Unilever, who wanted to generate beautiful content that would raise awareness of their new recycled plastics range in Australia and New Zealand. So, they turned to Vamp to spread the word.




28 Vamp creators shared content that showcased Unilever’s brands on social media. Through captions, they shared Unilever’s sustainability message with their engaged followings.





  • 491,800 social audience.
  • 10,814 engagements.
  • $0.43 cost per engagement.
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Jessie Davis, Consultant, Sustainable Business & Communications

Home Beauty & Personal Care (HBPC), Unilever Australia & New Zealand


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