Live webinar: Retail Marketing Strategies for 2023 & Beyond

Join us on Tuesday, March 28 for a 45-minute webinar by Vamp’s Frankie Dakin
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Another month, another webinar!

Join us on Tuesday, March 28 for a 45-minute webinar by Vamp’s Frankie Dakin as she shares tips, strategies, and considerations for building out your company’s influencer marketing strategy.

In this Vamp webinar, we provide clear and actionable strategies any retail marketer can implement in their influencer marketing in 2023 and beyond.

We will provide a view of the current state of the market, take a quick glimpse back at the trends we saw last year, and provide insights into what we expect to see in 2023 and throughout FY24.

We will identify the biggest challenges we expect to see, and how your creator collaborations can help with everything discussed to drive tangible business results. 

When is it?

Timing 1 – Tuesday, March 28 | 1pm Singapore / 4pm Sydney  

Timing 2  Tuesday, March 28 | 1pm London / 5pm Dubai

What will you learn?

  • The opportunity that presents itself in the market this year
  • The innovations that could shape the year to come
  • The influencer marketing strategies you can use to drive growth
  • How creator collaborations could be the answer to your biggest challenges this year

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