Webinar: Purpose-Driven Marketing: Reaching Gen Z & Beyond

Join us as we share the insights gained via our creator survey to help develop your purpose-driven company and marketing efforts.
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Your step-by-step guide to marketing with meaning.

In this webinar, we present the findings of our latest insights report and dive into the opportunities for brands to activate purpose-driven engagement through influencer marketing.

Between January and March 2022, over 900 Vamp creators provided their opinions on cause-driven outreach. We examined the priorities and issues creators care about the most, to provide insights for you on how to engage audiences with meaning and purpose. 

Join us on Tuesday, February 28 for a 45-minute webinar by Vamp’s Luke McCarthy as he shares tips, strategies, and considerations for building out your company’s purpose-driven marketing efforts.

Date & Time

Please note, both timings cover the same content.

Timing 1: Tuesday, February 28 | 1pm Singapore / 4pm Sydney 

Timing 2: Tuesday, February 28 | 1pm London / 5pm Dubai

Who should attend?

Brand, Social, Influencer, and Digital Marketing Managers who are interested in developing their company’s purpose, connecting with their audience on a deeper level, and achieving great business results along the way.

What will you learn?

  1. How you can build an always-on strategy for purpose-driven messaging and action
  2. The issues that matter most to creators that brands can align with their purpose
  3. How to avoid virtue signalling and back your words up with actions
  4. The strategies & approaches for collaborating with creators on purpose-driven marketing campaigns

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