On demand webinar: How are social media marketers navigating COVID-19?

How can marketers ensure they're connecting with their audience through lockdown?

How are different professions navigating their ‘new normal’?


Vamp’s webinar series, COVID-19 Perspectives aims to discover exactly that. In its first week, we looked at the role of social media marketers, to found out how they are helping their clients pivot their social strategies.

In this fifteen minute webinar, Vamp’s Head of Content, Lauren Thomas, was joined by Caitlin O’Malley, Associate Director of Social Content at Spark Foundry and Gemma Shuttleworth, Director of Client Partnerships at Vamp. They revealed the question that every brand was asking them right now, plus the social campaigns from the past weeks they felt had hit the right note.

For other social media marketers attempting to navigate this uncertain time, they had this advice:

  • Continue to communicate with your customers, but remember to reevaluate what you’re doing and – if you need to – pivot to cater to your customer’s evolving needs.
  • Have a test and learn mentality, reach out to your customers to find out what’s working.
  • Use this time invest in paid media (which is more cost effective than usual) to amplify your message.


Watch the recording below and sign up here so you don’t miss the rest of our COVID-19 Perspectives series. If this conversation sparks any questions around your social strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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