ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Key influencer marketing trends you need to know

Watch our on-demand webinar where we reveal the trends we've seen across the Vamp platform over the last 12 months.
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In this Vamp webinar, we give you an exclusive look inside the strategic decisions of your peers’ influencer marketing efforts.

Vamp have analyzed data from thousands of global campaigns run on our platform, to identify the key trends and behaviors our users are adopting.

We’ve then taken those trends to understand what this might mean for your own strategy. Whether its content format, channel, creator selection, or amplification, we’ve looked at every stage of the influencer marketing process and provided frameworks for you to decide whether that particular trend is right for your brand.

Join Luke McCarthy, Head of Marketing & Communications, for a 30-minute webinar as he gives you an exclusive rundown of the findings, with actionable tips for you to takeaway.

What will you learn?

  • How TikTok is changing the face of social media, how to launch on there and how creators can help drive growth 
  • The changing approach to content production with creators, how they can drive up ROI and supercharge your production 
  • The evolving approach to creator recruitment brands are adopting for consistent success and rapid trend adoption

Who should watch the webinar?

Brand, Social, Influencer, and Digital Marketing Managers who are are looking for a competitive edge over their peers. Attendees will gain insights to help guide decisions around their own strategies and to hep improve their influencer marketing ROI.

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