ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Your biggest influencer marketing challenges: solved!

Watch our on-demand webinar where we provide the solutions to the most common obstacles marketers face with influencer marketing
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In this Vamp webinar, we present the findings of our latest insights report – New Realities: overcoming your biggest influencer marketing challenges.

In the report, we spoke to our own Vamp customers and social media marketers to drill down into the specifics of influencer marketing. We wanted to know what’s working, what isn’t, what’s causing confusion, and which challenges people are still looking for answers to.

We’ve analyzed the answers from hundreds of respondents, highlighted which areas were causing the biggest challenges, and set about providing clear tips, strategies, and approaches to overcome those obstacles. The report is all about action, and so is this webinar.

Join Luke McCarthy, Head of Marketing & Communications, as he gives you an exclusive rundown of the findings, with actionable tips for you to takeaway.

What will you learn?

  • The three areas that will improve your influencer marketing strategy and deliver growth
  • How to improve your creator resourcing and relationships to increase efficiencies and build brand ambassadors
  • Five simple actions and strategies to track, prove, and improve your influencer marketing ROI

Who should watch the webinar?

Brand, Social, Influencer, and Digital Marketing Managers who are are looking for a competitive edge over their peers. Attendees will gain insights to help guide decisions around their own strategies and to hep improve their influencer marketing ROI.

Download the report

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