How Vamp drove benchmark-beating engagement for Nude by Nature

Discover how Nude by Nature partnered with Vamp to drive brand awareness and engagement across Instagram and TikTok.
How Vamp drove benchmark-beating engagement for Nude by Nature

This year, every marketer should prioritise an omni-platform approach. 


Vamp’s Co-founder, Aaron Brooks recently predicted that the most successful campaigns in 2022 will be omni-platform. He said, “2021 has been dominated by the ‘Instagram vs TikTok’ chatter, but marketers shouldn’t get distracted by the noise. Today, the average social user has eight social accounts! A single platform doesn’t need to win out. The challenge is not for marketers to pick a side. It is delivering a cohesive experience across each platform.” 

But while TikTok provides us with immersive entertainment and light relief, and Instagram transports us to a world of aspirational content, it’s a common misconception that you always need to create bespoke content for both platforms. However, when you collaborate with the right creators, who have the skillset to create versatile content, you can reuse your influencer-generated videos anywhere and get more bang for your buck. 

Luckily, Vamp has the right creators who can help you achieve benchmark-beating engagement and thousands of website visitors across both Instagram and TikTok. Australian makeup brand, Nude by Nature discovered this when they recently partnered with Vamp creators. Here’s how we did it.



Nude by Nature is an award-winning, 100% natural make-up and skincare brand. For this particular campaign, the Australian clean beauty brand needed to generate high-quality social content that would drive brand awareness and engagement. They also wanted to focus on nurturing their relationship with Vamp’s creators, to achieve more authentic and genuine partnerships. 




Vamp matched Nude by Nature with 16 AU-based lifestyle creators who have a love and passion for both clean beauty and makeup. This influencer squad was made up of new creators, as well as re-engaged creators who the brand had previously worked with.

Phase 1

Our creators were tasked with shooting beautiful organic Instagram in-feed posts and Reels that showed off the natural glow achievable with the brand’s best-selling foundation, Natural Mineral Cover. Creators were required to hero this product, while also highlighting six others in the range, to showcase how they achieve a full ‘natural Winter glow’ look.

How Vamp drove benchmark-beating engagement for Nude by Nature

Phase 2 

To amplify the influencer-generated content and engage a wider audience, Vamp boosted a handful of the best-performing pieces of content across Instagram. This also allowed the brand to push their content to a targeted group, ensuring they engaged the right consumers.  


Phase 3

As a way to drive further brand awareness and engagement, Vamp repurposed the Instagram Reels as TikTok ads, ensuring only the most relevant and ‘FYP-worthy’ videos were amplified on the short-form video platform. 




As Australia’s No.1 mineral make-up brand, influencer marketing is an integral part of our strategy. The social landscape has evolved tremendously over the last few years so it has been critical for our success to adopt a blended approach by embracing new channels such as TikTok and combining activity with traditional platforms like Instagram. We were beyond thrilled with the engagement results of the campaign in addition to the diversity of content provided by the creators from each of the channels.

Jennifer Zanelli, Head of Global Digital, Nude by Nature

Beautiful influencer content, combined with a targeted paid media strategy, proved highly effective in engaging social users and driving them to action. 

The Instagram boosting strategy achieved an 8.1% engagement rate, 15.9x higher than the beauty industry benchmark. Meanwhile, the TikTok boosting strategy achieved a whopping 25% engagement rate, 3.6 – 5x higher than the platform benchmark

Together, both boosting campaigns also achieved bonus results for the brand, where over 2.4k social users were driven to Nude by Nature’s website. This added further value to the strategy and reinforced the power of repurposing the right influencer content across multiple platforms.  


  • 1.09M+ total impressions.
  • 145.8k+ total engagements.
  • 71.2k+ total video views.
  • 2,443 total website visitors.

Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.