How Ted Baker drove over 3M Instagram impressions

Discover how Ted Baker collaborated with Vamp to drive mass awareness of their new Spring/Summer collection.
How Ted Baker drove over 3M Instagram impressions

Fashion influencers are always one step ahead. 

They know what’s going in and out of fashion, before we enter a new season and what pieces will be a hit with your customers. In collaborating with these trend-setters, you can spread the word about your latest collection and show your customers how to style it.
Not to mention, their authentic product reviews have the power to help you drive sales. 55% of fashion shoppers have made a purchase after seeing a creator’s post on Instagram. Through influencer marketing, you can show your products in action, on a diverse range of body shapes, in scenarios your customers will relate to.
That’s why Ted Baker chose Vamp to activate their latest campaign. The UK fashion brand collaborated with Vamp influencers to promote their Spring/Summer collection and achieved a total of 3.02M+ impressions. Here’s how we did it.



Ted Baker partnered with Vamp to create conversations around the brand, boost awareness of the new collection, drive website traffic and encourage sales via organic influencer content.


Vamp engaged 29 lifestyle and fashion creators to produce beautiful Instagram content that heroed the new pieces.
Phase 1:
The influencers created energetic in-feed posts and Reels. Shot in rural locations, they captured a sense of optimism and joy as the UK entered Summer. All while sharing the beautiful details of the new collection.
Stories were also created using a similar theme, while driving conversions through a Story link to the product each creator shared.

Phase 2: 
Vamp then ran a two-phase boosting strategy to amplify the organic influencer content beyond their immediate audience. Phase one drove mass awareness, phase two drove website traffic.



  • 1.2M+ overall reach 
  • 3.02M+ overall impressions 
  • 236.4K+ overall post engagements 
  • 5,024 overall website clicks 
  • 18.5% average boosting engagement rate, 36.3x ​​higher than industry benchmark.
  • £0.58 cost per click (boosting phase 2), 2.2x cheaper than platform benchmark.

On top of these benchmark-beating results, a total of 136 pieces of content was created for Ted Baker, including 78 pieces of bonus content. This bonus influencer content amplified the reach and overall engagement of the campaign. It also added value to the strategy and reinforced the authenticity of the selected influencer squad.

Tips to help you run effective seasonal fashion campaigns

Have an ‘always on’ mindset
Don’t just run one Summer campaign and call it quits. Instead, prioritise an ‘always on’ content strategy. This means engaging with creators on a regular basis, throughout every season of the year. This will boost your brand recognition and help you stay front of mind.
Follow national events and use a content calendar to ensure you always have a fresh content theme. Read more on that here.
Create ongoing influencer partnerships 
The value in re-engaging influencers lies in authenticity. If an influencer continues to promote your brand, sharing new products from every season and engaging in different product promotions throughout the year, it shows a genuine affinity to your brand. This resonates with followers and builds trust and believability.
To choose your repeat collaborators, keep a close eye on those who performed the best during your recent campaign. A great indicator of a genuine brand advocate is someone who went above and beyond the brief and created bonus content.
Diversify your creator pool
Repeat collaborators are great, but they should only be a small proportion of your entire influencer squad. The rest should be diverse, representing all of your customers.
Consumers like to see what your pieces look like on all different body types. So it’s important your influencers reflect this diversity within your customer base, while matching your brand’s aesthetic. Vamp’s creator sampling tool can help your brand find the right type of influencers. Tell it what you’re looking for and our software will present the best fit. 

The Everything Guide to Instagram for Marketers

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Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.