How Rimmel drove thousands of low-cost clicks

Beautiful influencer content and targeted ads drove big results for this cosmetics brand
How Rimmel drove thousands of low-cost clicks

Organic reach has become an unpredictable element in social campaigns.


With the Instagram algorithm ditching the chronological feed and huge amounts of content competing for attention, there’s no guarantee a post will land with its intended audience. Brands used celebrities with large audiences to try and combat this, but realised they lacked the authenticity, relevancy and trust of influencers with smaller followings.

Now brands are capitalising on a new strategy to combine relatability of influencer campaigns with guaranteed reach, by boosting posts with paid media. Influencer marketing platform Vamp used this strategy when their client, cosmetics brand Rimmel, wanted to build social buzz for a product launch.


Getting social audiences #ReadyForThisJelly with Rimmel


For the launch of their Ultimate Jelly range, Rimmel wanted to drive mass awareness, product advocacy and consumer engagement. They needed a campaign that could encourage consumers in store and generate sales for the product, so they turned to Vamp and their community of influencers.

Vamp’s two phased strategy: Influencer marketing and targeting 



Influencers shared their experience of the products on Instagram, incorporating the key messages and product benefits. With the freedom to use their own tone of voice, the posts felt genuine and credible. Instagram Stories used the ‘swipe up’ feature so influencers could actively drive their engaged follower to e-commerce sites.


Following the influencer campaign, Vamp amplified the seven most high-performing pieces content into social ads. This paid media phase extended the impact of the influencer content to reach a wider audience. 

Results: Thousands of engaged consumers driven to ecommerce sites


  • The quality of content was so high it achieved an average engagement rate of 3%, 249% higher than the Health & Beauty Industry benchmark. Thanks to its on-brand aesthetic and high production value, Rimmel were able to seamlessly regram this content in their own channels.


  • Instagram Stories were equally as engaging with 81% of followers completing the frames and 1.3K swiping up to visit ecommerce sites.


  • The boosting drove further results. Millions were reached and targeted audiences responded with an average engagement rate of 26.5% and over 10,000 posts were saved. The most successful boosted post generated 1,652 clicks alone and an incredible engagement rate of 41.7%.


  • A total of 8,252 clicks were achieved from boosted posts, driving the cost per click price down to £0.61, which is 2.6x lower than the industry average.
This campaign delivered on every objective set. Vamp’s influencers brought Rimmel’s #ReadyForThisJelly campaign to life in an authentic way and the content clearly resonated with our target audience. We have been impressed by the quality of the assets created - and by the low cost per click Vamp were able to achieve.

Siobhan Kelly, Brand Manager at Rimmel London

Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.