How OPPO captured our wanderlust, drove mass awareness and website traffic

Find out how OPPO AU tapped into our current wanderlust and achieved over 6.55m+ impressions.
How OPPO captured our wanderlust, drove mass awareness and website traffic

With international travel still limited, Australians’ desire to travel is at an all-time high.


While we have scrolled their way through yet another year of international travel restrictions, we’ve turned to social media to plan our next escape and vicariously explore. Pinterest reported travel searches increased by 60% in 2020 and according to this report, three of the top 10 most tagged and talked about brands on Instagram in Q1 2021 included @sydney, @visitnsw and @tasmania. No doubt encouraged by Australia tourism board’s ‘Holiday here this year’ campaign.

Capturing the zeitgeist 


One brand that was keen to channel this wanderlust and passion for rediscovering Australia into content was OPPO Australia. They partnered with Vamp travel influencers to provide them with stunning local travel content that highlighted the capabilities of their latest smartphone, the Find X3 Neo 5G. 

Safely, and in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, influencers set off to some of Australia’s most beautiful locations to capture colour-inspired content, achieving a total of over 6.55 million impressions.

This special campaign paid homage to Australia and its beautiful rich landscapes, all captured by a bespoke group of photographers using their OPPO smartphones. The influencers, content and results were amazing, and was the perfect glimpse to OPPO’s exciting and adventurous story. Having partnered with Vamp several times previously, the team continues to execute our visions graciously and proactively.

Olivia Shi, Digital Marketing Executive at OPPO

Driving engaged website traffic



While demonstrating the capabilities of the Find X3 Neo 5G, OPPO wanted to drive mass awareness, social engagements and website traffic. 



OPPO was connected with seven highly-regarded travel photographers via the Vamp platform.

Phase 1 

The brand flew them to unique Australian travel locations, such as Fraser Island, Hutt Lagoon and Lake Tyrell. Each creator was assigned a colour palette and were briefed to capture the location’s natural beauty. Using their gifted smartphone, creators brought OPPO’s ‘awaken colour’ tagline to life and shared posts, Stories and Reels with their engaged audiences.

Phase 2 

Following the creator’s organic posting, Vamp took the highest performing content and amplified it via boosting, helping us over-deliver on OPPO’s objectives.




Vamp helped us bring our ‘Out of This World Colours’ campaign for the OPPO Find X3 series launch to life. Content creators captured spectacular images and videos, which highlighted the key features of our new device. This helped us infuse a localised aspect to our execution within a global campaign and also drove high value traffic through to our website. Users directed by Vamp spent twice as long on the page, when compared to the overall average for all users in the campaign period.

Emily Marshall, Digital Marketing Manager, OPPO Australia

Breathtaking influencer content and a targeted paid media strategy proved highly effective in engaging social users and driving them to action. 

The first phase of paid media achieved a 53.7% engagement rate, 53.7x higher than the platform benchmark. The second phase drove website traffic and achieved over 17.2k website visitors and a $1.31 CPC, 20.1% cheaper than the industry benchmark.

  • 6.55M total impressions.
  • 11.9% Reels view rate.
  • 5,290 post saves.
  • 849,944 total engagements.
  • 17,159 total website visitors.

Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.