How high-quality content generated high engagement for Moose Toys

Learn how high-quality influencer content generated high engagement for Moose Toys.

On social media, mediocre content doesn’t cut it. But as Moose Toys discovered, this isn’t an issue when you collaborate with Vamp’s creator community.




Moose Toys wanted to continue to drive awareness & encourage engagement of Kindi Kids amongst Australian families, ahead of new items launching within the range. Their agency, Hatched Media, connected them with Vamp for an influencer marketing campaign.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how good all of these posts are! I knew they’d be good, but they are GREAT. I literally approved every single post without comment. So safe to say I love Vamp, this has been the easiest process from briefing, contract agreements, influencer selection through to content delivery.

Ange Perkins, Brand Manager, Moose Toys




Ten creators with an affinity to the Moose Toys brand – and followers that aligned with the target customer – were chosen to create content for this campaign. The content, showcasing the Kindi Kids toys, was shared via posts and Stories throughout June.





  • 1.8% engagement rate for posts, outperforming industry benchmarks by 168.7%
  • 92.3% Story completion rate
  • 100k unique reach

Thanks to close affinity between brand and creators, the influencers in this campaign created 35 extra Stories, beyond the 10 originally allocated. This resulted in considerable added value for the brand through an extra 50,053 impressions being contributed to the overall campaign results.


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