How Gap achieved 44X ROAS with influencer marketing

Discover why fashion creators are so sought-after by brands and the strategy used to achieve these benchmark-beating results for Gap

Fashion influencers are some of the most sought-after creators in the influencer marketing industry.


Their recommendations, so trusted and followed by their audience, make them powerful partners for fashion brands. Their engaging Instagram content turns 55% of fashion shoppers from social scrollers to customers, almost instantly.

80% of fashion brands know this and rush to work with them. But with 25% of all sponsored posts on Instagram being fashion related, it can be hard for brands to cut through the clutter, reach their target audience and drive conversions. The pressure is on to find highly relevant partners, who can create high-quality content and connect with your customers.

Enter fashion brand Gap. A repeat client of Vamp, they knew that content creators could effectively promote their New Ease collection in the UK and France. They weren’t wrong. Through a strategy focussed on relevancy and quality, we delivered 44x ROAS. That’s 17x higher than the industry average.

The Vamp team have been a pleasure to work with, and the Vamp platform is really user friendly. We are thrilled with the results gained from the latest Spring campaign, particularly the boosting aspect of this project.

Ilana Grossmark, Associate PR Manager, Gap Europe

How GAP achieved 44X ROAS with influencer marketing
How GAP achieved 44X ROAS with influencer marketing



Gap had two major goals for this campaign. They wanted to drive brand awareness and social engagements to help promote their latest New Ease collection – and drive traffic and sales through their e-commerce site.




29 fashion influencers from the UK and France were chosen to create high-quality, impactful social content to showcase the collection.

Phase 1

Instagram in-feed, Story and Reels content was shared organically by the creators, to help drive brand awareness and social engagements. Link in bios and swipe up links were also used to drive initial traffic and sales to the brand’s e-commerce site.

How GAP achieved 44X ROAS with influencer marketing
How GAP achieved 44X ROAS with influencer marketing

Phase 2

A supporting paid media boosting strategy was then implemented by Vamp to amplify the creator’s content to wider customer base, further driving website traffic and online sales.

Boosted posts appear native, with the original content, caption and influencer handle, but can be targeted with precision. This strategy allowed Gap to extend the reach of their creators’ content and reach specific audiences, age ranges and locations.


How GAP achieved 44X ROAS with influencer marketing
How GAP achieved 44X ROAS with influencer marketing



The brand selected a diverse influencer squad, which allowed for a large pool of their customer base to visualise the pieces from the New Ease collection in their own wardrobes. The influencers also generated content that felt extremely unique and relevant to their own fashion style. Once these were combined with the power of paid media targeting, Vamp was able to achieve a 44x ROAS for Gap UK and France.


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