How Benefit Cosmetics drove mass awareness on TikTok and Instagram

Learn how Benefit Cosmetics used an onmi-channel approach to drive mass awareness and achieved 2.3M organic impressions.

Brands who take an omni-channel approach to campaigns can reach a higher number of customers and get the chance to connect with different demographics through their content.


At Vamp, we’re increasingly seeing marketers engage with influencers across multiple platforms – including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube – to deliver on different kinds of objectives, all within one campaign with a single creative idea.

This gives brands a chance to experiment with different types of content. We know Instagram is the home of the kind of high-quality, polished content our creator community excels at. But our TikTok creators are able to create the same kind of connection, with more spontaneous and playful video content. Meanwhile YouTube is a great platform for driving deeper brand advocacy through longer form content and tutorials.

One brand who was keen to capture the benefits of both an Instagram and TikTok campaign was Benefit Cosmetics. The global beauty brand partnered with a diverse group of Vamp creators, via Instagram and TikTok, to promote their new Brow Microfilling Pen. This approach achieved 2.3M organic impressions.




Benefit Cosmetics’ objective was to drive awareness and hype around the launch of their new Brow Microfilling Pen.

They wanted to use TikTok content to encourage audiences to trial the product and participate in the brand’s social challenge. They wanted Instagram Stories that could build further hype around the challenge – and they wanted Instagram posts to amplify the reach of the campaign and promote the product’s benefits.



Vamp actioned this omni-channel campaign by partnering with 64 Instagram and TikTok beauty creators from their invite-only community. This diverse group covered a range of styles but all aligned closely with the values of the brand.

The TikTok content replicated a viral dance created by one of Benefit’s brow ambassadors. TikTokers used Benefit’s own sound-clip to recreate the dance in their own style, while using the Microfilling Pen.

Then, beauty creators on Instagram built awareness of the brands’ trending social challenge, by recreating the dance and posting it to their Instagram Stories. Instagram posts were also created to share more traditional, polished beauty content. Creators spoke about the benefits of the new product and encouraged their followers to try it.




Not only did this omni-channel campaign produce amazing awareness results, but engaged creators who also delivered a high level of bonus content. A total of 37 pieces of bonus content was created, adding extra value and reinforcing the authenticity of the campaign.


  • 1.4M impressions
  • 1.18% engagement rate
  • 3,500 hours of total viewing time
  • 10% view rate



  • 955K impressions
  • 3.65% engagement rate
  • 102.6k engagements
  • 3.4% story view rate

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