How Adobe used YouTube creators to drive mass awareness and trials

Discover how your brand can ensure YouTube users watch your content and remember your brand with help from Vamp's case studies
How Adobe used YouTube creators to drive mass awareness and trials

YouTube is the home of long-form video tutorials, vlogs, hauls, and Q&As – allowing brands to deeply connect with customers.


The platform holds huge potential for social media marketers, thanks to its vast and engaged user base:

  • It’s the second most popular social media platform and search engine after Google. 
  • 79% of internet users have a YouTube account.
  • 90% of people say they find new brands or products on the platform. 


While the data proves YouTube is great place to be discovered by customers, reaching its users isn’t always easy. There is stiff competition on the platform. 500 hours worth of video content gets uploaded every minute and 1 billion hours worth of videos get watched every day! 

How can your brand make sure YouTube users are watching your content and remembering your brand? 


1. Partner with genuine influencers

Seek creators who align with your brand or product and collaborate with them on branded content.  YouTubers have built engaged audiences who trust their recommendations. By partnering with them, you’ll boost awareness and drive sales. But like any social platform, strong brand alignment and relevancy is key. 


2. Prioritise quality

Stiff competition means high standards. Choose creators that are experts in their fields and understand what it takes to create superior video content. Blurry takes, zero cutting and editing and slow conversations won’t do.  


3. Get clear on your objectives

You’ll want to choose specific creators who can deliver on your marketing goals. Similar to Instagram, YouTubers with smaller audiences will have a more engaged following. Ideal for driving conversions as content interactions will be high and subscribers will be interested in the creator’s niche. Macro YouTubers with high numbers of subscribers will be more suited to deliver reach and awareness objectives.

One brand who followed this approach and saw success was Adobe. The brand recently partnered with Vamp YouTube creators for two of their 2020 campaigns and generated 87,000+ video views.

Encouraging Adobe competition entries 



Adobe wanted to raise brand awareness and drive entries for their #FromMeToYou competition –  a community video project in APAC. Vamp’s YouTube creators shared inspiring videos that showcased how they used Adobe’s software to create their content. They also encouraged viewers to enter the #FromMeToYou competition and share their stories from their local communities during lockdown.



Five Vamp creators from Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, all of whom share interests in photography and videography, created and organically shared their YouTube videos. They were either tutorial-based, a competition submission video, or both. Creators were also asked to cross-promote their YouTubes and the competition via Instagram Stories to boost view rates and awareness. 




  • 56.12% average audience retention 
  • 1 minute 28 seconds average watch time
  • 54,300+ video views 


Driving Adobe Acrobat trials



In this second YouTube campaign, Adobe wanted to encourage small to medium businesses and students to trial their Adobe Acrobat software. 



Phase 1 

Vamp partnered with Study With Jess, a productivity and organisation guru with 422k subscribers. She created and organically shared a ‘How to get your 2020 routine back on track’ tutorial that was sponsored by Adobe. The video matched her usual style and content theme so was a natural fit for her channel. 

Phase 2 

To further amplify the content and seamlessly drive free Adobe Acrobat software trials, Vamp boosted the YouTube video to target small to medium businesses and students looking to use Adobe Acrobat’s software to stay productive and organised.




Using the authentic asset created by Study With Jess, Vamp was able to effectively engage Adobe’s target audience and drive them to action. Resulting in an incredible click-through rate for Adobe.

  • 33,026+ organic video views
  • 177k boosting impressions 
  • 12.3% boosting view rate
  • 511 boosting link clicks


Adding a YouTube element to your next campaign can help you connect with another sector of your customer base and allow for more meaningful conversations. Get in touch with us to discover how we can make it work for you.

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