How a global campaign for Shutterstock drove a 8.6x ROAS

Find out how a global Vamp campaign drove a benchmark-beating ROAS for Shutterstock.
How a global campaign for Shutterstock drove a 8.6x ROAS

Global ad campaigns, while fantastic for reaching a diverse customer base, can sometimes lack the personalisation and relevancy needed to really connect with audiences. 


An influencer marketing campaign can offer brands the best of both worlds – global reach and highly-relevant, localised content. Brands can connect with influencers all around the world, brief them on a creative idea and watch as they interpret it for their local audience. 

The result is a bank of diverse, highly-relevant assets, that translate a global theme. The relevancy of this content can help drive mass awareness, website traffic and sales. 

One brand who mastered this approach was Shutterstock. They partnered with Vamp’s global community to drive awareness, website traffic and online sales around the world. The following strategy achieved over 1.3k link clicks and a 8.6x ROAS.

How a global campaign for Shutterstock drove a 8.6x ROAS
How a global campaign for Shutterstock drove a 8.6x ROAS



Shutterstock wanted to showcase the variety of their images, the ease of their platform, the capabilities of their new Editor feature and promote their 30-day free trial program. They needed content that could communicate this diverse set of benefits to a global audience – and stand out in the social feed.




Vamp matched Shutterstock with 11 relevant influencers in the creative and SMB space from the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Germany and Austria.

Phase 1 

Creators shared Shutterstock images and used the Editor tool to create posts for their social feeds. They used a how-to Story sequence to communicate their content creation journey to their follower. Each used an Instagram Story swipe up to drive Shutterstock’s 30-day free trial program.

Phase 2 

Vamp then amplified those organic Instagram posts, targeting a wider audience with specific interests, to extend the impact of the campaign. Website links were added to seamlessly drive website traffic and sales.




  • 3.8% boosting engagement rate, 3.8x higher than platform benchmark
  • 11.5k+ boosting engagements
  • 1,391 link clicks
  • 8.6x return on ad spend, 3.3x higher than platform benchmark 


Beautiful content generated by Vamp creators proved the perfect fuel for the boosting campaign. With these organic assets, Vamp was able to effectively engage like-minded social users and drive them to action, resulting in a benchmark-beating ROAS for Shutterstock.


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