Engaging Huawei customers around the world with creator content

Learn how our boosting campaign for Huawei engaged customers around the globe at a rate almost ten times the industry average

From Europe to Australia, this awareness-boosting campaign delivered an average engagement rate almost ten times the industry average


In the competitive smartphone market, connecting with customers on social media and making a lasting impression isn’t easy. Simultaneously making those connections across multiple markets poses even more of a challenge. Brands like Huawei need a scalable solution to help them cut through the competition and make an impact on social media.




Huawei wanted to drive mass awareness and adoption of their new operating system and app store in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Australia. They connected with Vamp’s invite-only community to deliver content, reach and to drive traffic to Huawei’s online community to learn more about the new operating system and app store.




Vamp engaged a mix of influencers across multiple tiers to deliver a high impact influencer campaign. Following the organic phase, Vamp amplified the content through paid media, targeting specific audiences to driving further awareness and consideration.





Our creator community were able to create high-quality imagery that showcased the Huawei smartphone and use their authentic experience to drive advocacy. This approach, combined with strategic targeting, produced benchmark-beating results for Huawei:

  • 12.5% engagement rate 9.5x higher than industry benchmark
  • 429,828 link clicks
  • $0.84 CPM 7.3x cheaper than platform benchmark


Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.