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A year of challenges, opportunities, and innovations awaits.

The beauty industry is truly putting the troubles of the pandemic firmly in its rearview mirror. Even during a year of soaring living costs, weakened consumer spending power, and war in Europe, the beauty industry still looks set to hit the predicted 4.64% growth predicted in late 2021. 

As we now take strides into 2023, the outlook is, cautiously, looking a little brighter. Many are predicting drastically slowing inflation, decreasing living costs, and, therefore, increased spending power. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that the beauty industry is forecast to grow again, this time by 3.80%

This presents an opportunity for beauty marketeers, as the industry continues its impressive recovery, there’s more revenue up for grabs. To set you on your way, and to help you stand out from your competitors, we wanted to provide an Easy Guide to Beauty Marketing for 2023, with a set of clear Vamp-recommended strategies for you to implement this year.

This guide looks back at what we saw last year, what we’re expecting to see in the 12 months ahead and, crucially, offers practical actions for you to take away and implement in your strategy in 2023. 

We’ll cover the industry as a whole, as well as delving into the specifics around beauty marketing and social media. This will leave you with a firm grasp on the state of the industry, the key trends you should expect, and plenty of inspiration to level up your beauty marketing efforts to drive that all important revenue. 

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