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During the pandemic, the pet industry boomed.


Furry friends became a lifeline to many, providing much-needed company or a reason to head out for a daily walk. As a result, pet ownership increased and those of us that already had them came to value them even more.

The pet care industry had already seen more than a 100% increase over the past decade, and now it’s hotter than ever. With new products, businesses and petfluencers emerging constantly, there’s never been a more interesting time to be marketing the pet industry.

In this report, we keep you ahead of the curve with the latest trends and tactics marketers should know. 


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Millennials most likely pet parents: This generation recently overtook Boomers as the largest pet-owning cohort of Americans. Find out why.

Psychological benefits: Using pets to boost our lockdown moods is backed by science, and businesses are realising the psychological benefits of pets in the workplace.

Humanization of pets: From pet patisseries and plant-based pet food to premium grooming salons and designer clothing, we’re now more inclined to view pets as part of the family.

Back to the office blues: WFH meant being with our fur babies all day, every day. This means returning to the office will be harder than ever. Learn what this means for pet insurers.

Social separation: Pet owners also don’t want to be parted from their furry friends while socialising. So restaurants are making the shift to cater for pooches too.

Wellness for pampered pets: The recent wellness movement hasn’t just impacted us as consumers. Discover more about the heightened, and more luxe, focus on our pet’s wellbeing.

Viral social challenges: Pets often take a starring role in our social content, and many go viral! Here are the latest trends you should tap into.

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Download Vamp's free Pet Industry Deep Dive report

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