Download Vamp’s free Deep Dive report on food and drink trends

Get up to speed on the latest consumer and social trends from the food and drink scene.
Download Vamps free Deep Dive report on food and drink trends

Ever get hungry scrolling your social feed?


You’re not alone. 85% of social users have experienced cravings for food they’ve seen on social media. This leaves food and drink brands a big opportunity to engage their customers via their social feeds.

Aligning with foodie influencers and leveraging the latest trends is a great place to start. This report provides a snapshot of the biggest consumer and social trends shaping the food and drink scene right now. It tracks the impact of lockdown and provides actionable tips on how you can boost your brand on social. There’s even some success stories from brands that already have, to inspire you.

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Convenience goes luxe: Takeaways and makeaways, food subscriptions and canned coffee and cocktails are all taking the spotlight as we turn to these convenient alternatives while living with social distancing restrictions.

Show off moments: With more time up our sleeves, consumers are working on their cooking skills to create and share ‘show off’ meals on social. Speaking of, discover which viral TikTok food trends have taken over our feeds.

Nostalgic comfort: In unprecedented times, we’ve turned to food brands that we know and love to help us find more comfort. As shoppers do this, iconic brands have been keen to highlight their history. Find out how.

Responsible eating: We take a look at how the rise of eco-conscious consumers has caused brands to ‘greenify’ their packaging and how shopping local is the new norm.

Health-focussed: The topic of health has never been more prevalent, which is why the search for immunity-strengthening foods has intensified. We look at what health foods consumers are looking for and why ‘food for mood’ is trending.

Plant-based diets: For both health and ethical reasons, plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular. Discover just how fast this sector is growing, including plant-based milks.

Al-fresco: Our dining habits have changed, both in and out of the home. Learn how fast consumers took to socially distanced picnicking.

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Download Vamp's free Deep Dive report on food and drink trends
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