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‘Tis the season…

For many, the last three months of the calendar year are make or break for financial success. Even with three years of challenging economic context, the Q4 period has continued to produce record breaking sales across Black Friday, Cyber Week, Thanksgiving, and of course, the festive year end. 

With this being the case, competition is higher than at any other time of year, meaning marketers need to continuously innovate to demand greater mindshare amongst their consumers. This year will be no different, but we want to make the ideation and planning stages simpler, which is where this Easy Guide comes in. 

This guide aims to show the power of activating seasonal marketing with tips and strategies you can reference for this year and beyond. We’ve taken a look at the opportunity present for this year, the trends we’ve seen across the influencer marketing ecosystem over the past 12 months, and successful holiday campaigns from the past to provide you with a mini guide for seasonal success. 

Download our guide and learn:

  • Why your marketing strategy needs to capitalise on seasonal moments 
  • Trends we’ve seen this year and what you can learn
  • Content ideas and formats you should be taking advantage of
  • How to go viral this holiday season and beyond

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