Using IGC to drive competition entries

How influencer-generated content successfully drove competition entries
influencer generated content collage

The challenge


Australian Turf Club (ATC) wanted to promote their Everest Carnival and ‘Ultimate Race Day Experience’ competition. For this they needed highly aspirational content that would create hype around the event, capture the essence of the prize and prompt people to enter.


The solution


For this campaign, Vamp strategised a multifaceted approach.

  • Stage one was Vamp Create, whereby influencer talent created high-quality bespoke content.
  • Stage two was Vamp Influence, whereby the influencers posted this content on their social channels to drive awareness and encourage competition entries.
  • Finally, stage three was lead generation in which ATC used this content to further drive competition entries and overall campaign reach.


The creation of high quality imagery and videos was at the heart of this campaign. It enabled every phase to work effectively and left ATC with assets they could use across paid media and the micro site.


The strategy


In order to create authentic content for phase one, twelve influencers  – who specialised in lifestyle, fashion, beauty and food content – were sent to a Saturday race day. Here they were able to capture high-quality assets that would showcase the excitement and luxury of Everest Carnival.

They posted some of this content on their social channels and it earned strong engagement amongst their following. For in-feed posts, the average engagement rate was 4%, outperforming industry engagement rate benchmarks by 131%.

Influencers were able to use their connection and understanding of their audiences to communicate the perks of the competition prize as they saw fit. In doing so, their loyal followers were inspired to take action. In Instagram Stories, 3.7% of users swiped up to enter the competition.

Once a user had swiped up, they would be taken to a Vamp-created micro site. This site needed to work hard to maintain the users attention, encouraging them to enter their details for the contest. A confirmation email was designed to keep them engaged with the brand beyond the entry.

Following this influencer activity, ATC continued to amplify the influencer-generated content within their own channels to drive people to enter for the remaining competition time period. A total of 43 assets were selected for usage across ATC’s channel, assisting in driving more than 6,000 people to the competition site.



For a campaign to feel natural and resonate with audiences, the talent’s profiles and interests must align with the brand values and aesthetic. In choosing influencers who were an authentic fit for this campaign, both they and their followers were highly engaged. Choosing content creators of a high calibre also ensured the photos, cinema graphs and videos would capture the attention of increasingly overwhelmed audiences.

  • The talent went above and beyond their content brief, creating 22 additional assets on race day.
  • The content resonated with their followers, 92% of talents posts had an engagement rate higher than the overall industry benchmark.
  • Overall campaign engagement was 4%. A fantastic result, coming in at 33% above campaign objective and well above Instagram’s overall sponsored post engagement rate (ER) benchmark of 1.73%
  • 35% of talent had an engagement rate higher than the lifestyle industry benchmark (4.71%) for Stories
  • An aggregated reach of 651,956 was achieved through IG posts, and 50,548 total IG story impressions.
  • Swipe-up links generated 15,108 unique unique views, one influencer (@elidaze) achieved a view rate of 14.65%. That’s 67.85% above lifestyle industry benchmarks.

Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.