Achieving ‘phenomenal’ return on ad spend for Pottery Barn

See the campaign that generated a 1,297% return on ad spend
woman pinning xmas decorations to wall

Using influencer content, transformed into digital ads, Vamp achieved a 1,297% return on advertising spend for Pottery Barn.


The challenge


Pottery Barn wanted to raise awareness of their 2018 Christmas collection among new customers, as well as promote in-store experiences to ultimately drive sales. Vamp’s brief was to use influencers to engage potential customers, then leverage their content into a social paid media campaign over a six week campaign period leading up to Christmas.

We are incredibly pleased with the results of this campaign – both with the quality of the influencer-generated content, offering a fresh, localised perspective on the Pottery Barn brand, and by the phenomenal return on ad spend. Not only was the campaign highly engaging from a content perspective, the interactions influenced purchasing behaviour resulting in direct sales. A win win!

Chantal Jesson, Manager, PR & Brand Marketing, Williams Sonoma Australia

The solution


The campaign had a coordinated, multi-phased approach. The first was an influencer marketing phase to create content and awareness. Influencers were given $500 to spend in store while creating content about their experience. A paid media phase followed, using that influencer-created content to retarget engagers and drive them towards websites and store. Finally a targeted conversion phase drove the most engaged customers to purchase.


The strategy


Vamp first executed an influencer marketing campaign to create content and build broad awareness around the collection. Six influencers authentically showcased the collection and their Pottery Barn in-store experience.

Then, a three-phased media plan ran across Facebook and Instagram. For each phase, Vamp generated impactful ad-ready units from the influencer content, including engaging vertical video and Stories formats.

1. The first phase involved generating awareness among new customers by targeting strategic portions of the brand’s core demographic and active shoppers.

2. The second phase involved building engagement, traffic and purchase intent by retargeting engagers with highly inspiring formats and products tailored to their interests, driving clicks towards the brand’s e-commerce website.

3. The third phase used segmented retargeting, driving online purchases through unique journeys tailored to each user’s point of progress within the funnel. Lookalike audiences were also used to capture those most similar to the highly engaged customers, and targeted with the same strategy. This final phase of conversion retargeting resulted in a 3,057% return on ad spend.

The results


The combination of inspiring content and strategic optimisation produced incredible results for the client. Pottery Barn achieved a huge return on investment as well as a large pool of newly engaged audiences to retarget and develop into returning customers with increased lifetime value.

  • The total media spend was $7,000 AUD
  • The paid media campaign reached 760,698 individual people
  • The campaign generated an average engagement rate of 19.2%
  • The average cost per engagement was $0.05
  • The campaign drove 9,087 link clicks
  • The total purchase value was $90,820.56 AUD
  • The overall return on ad spend was 1,297%

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